MJA Editorial Advisory Group

The MJA Editorial Advisory Group members are eminent clinicians and scholars who are a valuable source of ideas for the content of the Journal. They provide constructive criticism of the format and content of the Journal, and provide independent advice to the MJA Editorial Committee on appeals of editorial decisions, problematic articles, and complaints about the editorial process.

John Attia
Anthony Capon
Flavia M Cicuttini
Paul B Colditz
Jane Dacre
Anne Duggan
David A Ellwood
Alex Farrell
Peter G Gibson
Marc Gladman
Charles Guest
Claire L Jackson
Cheryl A Jones
Zsuzsoka Kecskes
Kelvin Kong
José Florencio Fabella Lapeña, Jr.
Christopher Levi
Jennifer Martin
Patrick D McGorry
Catriona McLean
Paul Moayyedi
Peter L Munk
Terry Nolan
Ian N Olver
Anushka Patel
Wilfred Peh
Toby Richards
Susan Sawyer
Jeong-Wook Seo
Lambert W Schuwirth
Joseph Sung
Philip G Truskett
Robyn Ward
Steve Wesselingh
Paul S Worley
Catherine Yelland
Neville D Yeomans
Jeffrey Zajac