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The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) is Australia’s leading peer-reviewed general medical journal. It has been delivering ground-breaking research to the medical community since 1914.

Published twice a month, with double issues in January and December (22 issues a year), the MJA covers all the important issues affecting Australian health care, publishing the latest Australian clinical research, evidence-based reviews, clinical practice updates, authoritative medical opinion and debate, and developments within the humanities with respect to medicine. The MJA encourages comment and debate from readers. 

Ethical publishing

The MJA is published by the Australasian Medical Publishing Company, which is owned by the Australian Medical Association. The MJA follows the guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and the World Association of Medical Editors on publishing and editorial matters, including peer review, conflict of interest and confidentiality. The MJA maintains editorial independence, and the views expressed in the Journal are those of the authors.

Free access to research articles

The MJA encourages the highest quality of research, and believes research must be able to be easily and rapidly disseminated to all who might benefit from it. From January 2012, all MJA research articles are freely available online. The MJA has a strong commitment to Australian Indigenous health, and makes all Indigenous health articles free to access. Other selected articles are also freely accessible, including Editor’s choice articles, guidelines, supplements, obituaries and articles selected by the Editor because of their public health importance. Access to other articles is by subscription.

Print and online

The MJA is available in print and online. The print version of the Journal had a major makeover in September 2011, and the website was rebuilt in February 2012. All MJA articles from December 2001 onwards are available online, with selected articles between 1996 and 2001 also being available online. Some older articles do not have all the new navigation features.
PRINT ISSN: 0025-729X ONLINE ISSN: 1326-5377

The MJA produces a free weekly online newsletter, MJA InSight. You can sign up to email alerts to advise you of new MJA content and you can follow the MJA on Twitter.

Partnership with Wiley Online

From January 2019, the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) has partnered with John Wiley and Sons Inc to publish and distribute the prestigious MJA. The MJA is produced by AMPCo, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) — the most influential membership organisation representing registered medical practitioners and medical students of Australia.

As part of this new publishing partnership, the full archive of all MJA articles — dating from 1914 to the present — have been digitised and can now be accessed via the Wiley Online Library at

Along with the complete digital archive of the MJA, the Wiley Online Library will also provide subscribers with access to online-first articles, the ability to purchase individual MJA articles and a simplified process for seeking permission to reproduce full or part articles.


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