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Professor Anne Kelso is the new chief executive officer of the National Health and Medical Research Council. She outlines her vision for the next 3 years of the NHMRC's operation and shares her thoughts on funding rates, women in science, translational research and the commercialisation of research outcomes.
Mr Geoff Down is curator of the rare and historic books collection held by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Part of the library is the renowned Sir Leslie Cowlishaw Collection, a priceless set of 2000 volumes covering the evolution of medicine from witchcraft through to the early 1940s.
The podcast with Mr Geoff Down is also available as a video.

A different approach may provide more effective early detection of diabetes

Patients and providers reflect on a clinical trial in an Indigenous health context
Assessing HbA1c levels may detect diabetes in remote communities more efficiently than glucose tests
A nurse-led coordinated care intervention was equivalent to standard care for patients with chronic illness

We need to share data to enable efficient and timely research
An overview of recent advances and ongoing challenges in exercise participation-related risk
Road safety should remain a public health priority, not a political issue

Should antenatal care of women in northern Australian communities include S. stercoralis ELISA testing in routine screening?
Improving health care access in northern Australia
Case reports

The first imported case of Lyme neuroborreliosis in Australia highlights the importance of a thorough travel history in a patient presenting with chronic meningoencephalitis
While vemurafenib induces ultraviolet A photosensitivity, it is important to consider alternative diagnoses when minimal response to therapy is attained
Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are toxic and should not be given to children to play with
Being competent to perform careful endotracheal intubation in an isolated rural setting can save lives
Ethics and law
Use of a medical intervention to deal with a perceived social problem should concern clinicians
Clinical focus

Implementing the roadmap to close the gap for vision β€” progress and more work to do
Writing with light

The Writing with Light digital photography image gallery is available to view at: https://www.mja.com.au/multimedia/writingwithlight