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Peter Teddy, professor of neurosurgery at the University of Melbourne, discusses the incorporation of chronic pain management in neurosurgical training, to accompany his editorial in this issue.

Associate Professor Sue Evans, head of the Clinical Registry Unit at Monash University, Professor Mark Frydenberg, a urologist at Monash Health, and Associate Professor Jeremy Millar, director of Radiation Oncology at Alfred Health, discuss achievements in quality of care in prostate cancer, to accompany their research in this issue.


The role of neurosurgery in the treatment of chronic pain cover image
Neurosurgical training should formally incorporate chronic pain management
Futility and utility cover image
The physician should focus on what can be done, not on what cannot
Improving quality in prostate cancer cover image
Quality indicators can provide reassurance that cancer care is achieving the predicted outcomes
A million Australians at high risk may not be receiving recommended preventive treatments

Despite a broad conceptual consensus, there is variability in how the concept is applied in clinical decision making
The performance of the Victorian health system has improved according to three processes of care indicators
An estimated 970 000 Australians may not be receiving recommended combination blood pressure- and lipid-lowering therapy

Surgical management of low back pain cover image
Spinal surgery for chronic low back pain is controversial, and the disproportionate number of fusions in private hospitals is unexplained
Forsaking cures for cancer: why are we discarding the tumour biospecimens of most patients?
 cover image
Discarding patients’ cancer samples because of problems with consent processes forgoes potential advances in cancer research, ignores public intent and squanders unique bioresources
Clinical focus

Careful clinical selection of patients can help optimise the evidence-based use of opioids for chronic non-cancer pain
Major changes are occurring in breast surgery to help improve quality-of-life outcomes for women who survive breast cancer
Acute pain management: scientific evidence, fourth edition, 2015
 cover image
The increase in evidence over the past 15 years in acute pain management is impressive
Short reports

Kitesurfing — playing with water or with fire?
 cover image
Despite its image as a dangerous sport, serious kitesurfing accidents seem uncommon
Ladder-related injuries in New South Wales
 cover image
Ladder-related injury imposes a significant burden on the health system
Increasing incidence of type 2 diabetes in Indigenous and non-Indigenous children in Western Australia, 1990–2 cover image
Children at risk of developing type 2 diabetes need early diagnosis and screening for diabetes-related complications
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