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Dr Frank Jones is President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He discusses the College's new GP advocacy ad campaign "The good GP never stops learning", funding models, rural practice and other issues pertinent to today's GPs.
This podcast is also available as a video.

Important advances in screening for genetic abnormalities have major ethical implications
How should we redesign our stroke services in light of neurointerventional advances?

Understanding push and pull factors helps in targeting medical workforce maldistribution in rural and remote areas
Linked data show that readmission to hospital is common for patients with stroke or TIA

Inconsistent Schedule 8 prescription requirements between Australian states and territories create unnecessary complexity for health professionals
Doctors-in-training are well positioned to continue Australia’s strong history of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship

Heatwave conditions correlate with increased heat exhaustion, sunburn and contact burns in kids
A rare benign carcinoma is caused by a mutation in the fumarate hydratase gene
Toxic epidermal necrolysis associated with use of contrast medium (comment on case report)
A brief survey highlights the high level of NIPT awareness among pregnant women
Case reports

Statin therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease can be risky
Gout can affect the spine, looking suspiciously like osteomyelitis
Ethics and law
Health practitioners who close a practice have immediate and ongoing legal obligations to their patients
Clinical focus

The PIP after-hours incentive funding mechanism does not preferentially support practices that provide after-hours care
Existing therapies and recent developments in the management of a common clinical problem
Glycated haemoglobin assessment may be an efficient and simple tool for early diagnosis of diabetes mellitus
Writing with light

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