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Laureate Professor Nick Talley is Pro Vice-Chancellor of Global Research at the University of Newcastle, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Journal of Australia. He discusses the outcomes of last November’s national obesity summit and the way forward.

Dr Cameron Knott is an intensive care physician with Austin Health in Melbourne. He discusses his coauthored Perspective in this issue about burnout in intensive care medical staff and possible solutions within the Australian context.

Dr Nicola Ridgers is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University. Her coauthored editorial on the utility of wearable activity trackers is published in this issue. Also available as a video.

Auditing and standardising care for young people with diabetes: beginning a process to improve outcomes cover image
Clear goals, uniform practices, and expectations influence outcomes for young people with diabetes
Is wearable technology an activity motivator, or a fad that wears thin? cover image
Activity monitors may be useful for encouraging healthier lifestyles in people of all ages

Most Australian children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes are not meeting the HbA1c target
An extra 4300 steps each day would save older people one day in hospital for each 3 years of life
Short report

Prolonged tumour growth after treatment of infantile haemangioma with propranolol
 cover image
Late regrowth may be the result of the same biochemical mechanism that initially proved beneficial
Narrative review

Contaminated heater-cooler units pose a rare but serious risk, and careful management is required
A promising new approach in treating chronic respiratory diseases

National Health Summit on Obesity calls for Australia to take action to stem the pandemic cover image
It is urgent to put measures in place for the bene?t of future generations
Stress and burnout in intensive care medicine: an Australian perspective cover image
A call for a multilevel response to an evolving challenge
The obesity epidemic and sugar-sweetened beverages: a taxing time
 cover image
Government action is essential to improve diet
Reducing alcohol-related violence and other harm in Australia
 cover image
We need to increase alcohol taxation and reduce hours of sale to reduce alcohol-related harms
Writing with light

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