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Dr Joanna Flynn is chair of the Medical Board of Australia and a general practitioner. She discusses revalidation and the identification of doctors at risk, to coincide with her Perspective in this issue. Also available as a video.

Professor Hugh Taylor, AC, is the Harold Mitchell Chair of Indigenous Eye Health in the Melbourne School of Population Health at the University of Melbourne. He discusses the implications of the listing of non-mydriatic retinal cameras on the Medicare Benefits Scheme for the eye health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to accompany his Perspective published in this issue. Also available as a video.

Ms Erica Tong is the lead clinical pharmacist at Alfred Health. Dr Gary Yip is a general physician, also at Alfred Health. They discuss their coauthored research on reducing medication errors in hospital discharge summaries, published in this issue. Also available as a video.

Ziad Nehme is a paramedic and research coordinator at the Ambulance Service of Victoria. Harry Patsamanis is the Manager of Clinical Care Engagement at the National Heart Foundation of Australia. They discuss the effect of a mass media campaign on ambulance use for chest pain, to accompany their coauthored research published in this issue. Also available as a video.


Encouraging early treatment of suspected heart attack: it’s OK to call 000 cover image
Making urgent decisions is complex: a campaign recognising this has succeeded in raising public awareness
The challenge of discharge: combining medication reconciliation and discharge planning cover image
The appropriateness, safety and timeliness of individualised medication plans must be improved
Centralising care for patients with pancreatic cancer: a hybrid model approach
 cover image
Reducing regional variations in treatment rates for pancreatic cancer requires an inclusive standardised approach and cooperation

A well designed campaign can increase the use of emergency medical services
Involving pharmacists in preparing medication management plans in the discharge summary reduces the likelihood of errors
Short report

Australia Day 2016: alcohol-related presentations to emergency departments cover image
Alcohol-related presentations compromise the safety of clinical staff and other patients
Narrative review

Given the psychosocial impacts of acne, systemic therapy may be appropriate if topical and general measures have failed

Towards revalidation in Australia: a discussion cover image
Sharing responsibility for the future standards of medical practice
A game changer for eye care for diabetes cover image
Non-mydriatic photography may be the key to accessible eye care
Overcoming cardiovascular disease in Indigenous Australians cover image
Despite the profound impact of cardiovascular disease in Indigenous Australians, much remains to be achieved
Medical education

Bringing competencies closer to day-to-day clinical work through entrustable professional activities cover image
As they require the integration of various competencies, EPAs are valid tools for assessing trainees
Writing with light

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