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Professor Hugh Taylor is the inaugural Harold Mitchell Chair of Indigenous Eye Health in the School of Population Health at the University of Melbourne. This podcast accompanies a Perspective coauthored by Professor Taylor in this issue, “Cataract surgical blitzes: an Australian anachronism”.
Dr Lesley Russell is Visiting Fellow at the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute at the Australian National University in Canberra. This podcast accompanies a For debate article Dr Russell coauthored in this issue, “Hospitals should be exemplars of healthy workplaces”.er previews the 20 April issue, our ANZAC commemorative edition.
The Dr Lesley Russell podcast is also available as a video. Also in video, Editor-in-Chief Professor Stephen Leeder talks about the highlights of our 4 May 2015 issue.
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Can today’s quest for innovation and efficiency in health care learn from the development of the laparoscope?

How can we best protect patients while making progress?
Pancreatic cancer is likely to become one of the leading causes of cancer death in Australia

Assessment is lengthy, costly and consumes significant resources
The current emphasis is on individual skills rather than responding to community needs
A massive increase in antidepressant prescriptions has had little impact on rates of self-harm or antidepressant poisoning

Surgical blitzes may achieve short-term gains, but they inhibit the development of sustainable local services
Australian research advances technique that may make prostate cancer screening less invasive and more accurate
Conclusions based on recent meta-analyses need to be viewed with caution
Community treatment orders have become standard practice without serious consideration of the underlying research base

This topic has garnered increased recognition in the eye care community
A position statement from Coeliac Australia’s Medical Advisory Committee scrutinises the technology used in currently available kits
The pitfalls in assessing patients’ decision-making capacity
Case reports

Diabetic ketoacidosis in patients with type 2 diabetes can indicate primary pancreatic disease
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a genuine risk for waterpipe users
Rapid identification of listeriosis source prevented further infections
Clinical focus

New guidelines change some aspects of the management of pancreatitis
For debate

Hospitals must become healthy workplaces in every sense and extend their role to focus on health and wellness, not just illness

Ian Olver considers his time at Cancer Council Australia and suggests embracing cancer treatment, prevention and research provides a comprehensive cancer control experience
Writing with light

The Writing with Light digital photography image gallery is available to view at: https://www.mja.com.au/multimedia/writingwithlight