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Professor Nicky Hudson is MBBS Coordinator at the University of Adelaide, and Conjoint Professor in the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle. She discusses her coauthored Perspective in this issue on changes in medical education to help physicians meet future health care needs.

Professor Claire Jackson is Director of Primary Care Research at the University of Queensland. Dr Steve Hambleton is the former Chair of the Primary Health Care Advisory Group, and a former president of the AMA. They talk about their Perspective in this issue on laying the right foundations for success of Health Care Homes.

Professor Peter McIntyre is Director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance. He discusses No Jab, No Pay and vaccine refusal in Australia, to accompany his coauthored Perspective in this issue.


Reducing the incidence of burn injuries to Indigenous Australian children cover image
Burns are a specific health burden, but understanding the detail is vital to finding solutions
The frequency of eye examinations in people with diabetes cover image
The findings of the National Eye Health Survey are encouraging, but also identify areas for improvement

Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian children hospitalised for burn injuries: a population data linkage study
 cover image
Rates of burn injuries are higher for Indigenous children than for non-Indigenous Australian children
Long term risk of severe retinopathy in childhood-onset type 1 diabetes: a data linkage study
 cover image
Focus on glycaemic control from diagnosis onwards is needed to reduce the risk of severe retinopathy
Adherence to diabetic eye examination guidelines in Australia: the National Eye Health Survey
 cover image
A carefully integrated diabetic retinopathy screening service is needed, particularly in remote areas, to improve adherence rates
Narrative review

Countering cognitive biases in minimising low value care
 cover image
? Cognitive biases in decision making may make it difficult for clinicians to reconcile evidence of overuse with highly ingrained prior beliefs and intuition

Australia’s Heath Care Homes: laying the right foundations cover image
The Health Care Home is a central component of our national health reforms, and refining the model for broader implementation is essential
Failing to plan is planning to fail: advance care directives and the Aboriginal people of the Top End
 cover image
Advance care directives can enable Aboriginal people to fulfil their end-of-life wishes to die in their community
Changes in medical education to help physicians meet future health care needs cover image
Generalist training may be a solution for responding to future population health needs
No Jab, No Pay and vaccine refusal in Australia: the jury is out cover image
High immunisation rates in Australia mean that the threat of disease transmission posed by vaccine refusal is low — policy responses should be proportionate
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