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Volume 192, Issue 10 — 17 May, 2010

After the intervention

Health impacts of the Northern Territory intervention

Peter O’Mara
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 546-548. 

Impact of income management on store sales in the Northern Territory

Julie K Brimblecombe, Joseph McDonnell, Adam Barnes, Joanne Garnggulkpuy Dhurrkay, David P Thomas and Ross S Bailie
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 549-554. 

Ross Ingram Memorial Essay Competition

Healing our communities, healing ourselves

Jane Harrison
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 556-557. 

Defining the gap

Clinical oral health outcomes in young Australian Aboriginal adults compared with national-level counterparts

Lisa M Jamieson, Susan M Sayers and Kaye F Roberts-Thomson
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 558-561. 

Incidence of type 2 diabetes in two Indigenous Australian populations: a 6-year follow-up study

Robyn A McDermott, Ming Li and Sandra K Campbell
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 562-565. 

Mental disorders due to substance use and cardiovascular disease risk in Aboriginal adults

Zhiqiang Wang, Damin Si and Wendy E Hoy
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 566. 

Shalom Gamarada Ngiyani Yana Art Exhibition

Shalom Gamarada Ngiyani Yana 2010

Lisa R Jackson Pulver
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 572. 

At the frontline

An education intervention for childhood asthma by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers: a randomised controlled trial

Patricia C Valery, Ian B Masters, Brett Taylor, Yancy Laifoo, Peter K O’Rourke and Anne B Chang
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 574-579. 

Acute rheumatic fever in Indigenous people in North Queensland: some good news at last?

Jeffrey N Hanna and Michele F Clark
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 581-584. 

Hospitalisation of Indigenous children in the Northern Territory for lower respiratory illness in the first year of life

Kerry-Ann F O’Grady, Paul J Torzillo and Anne B Chang
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 586-590. 

Rates of radiologically confirmed pneumonia as defined by the World Health Organization in Northern Territory Indigenous children

Kerry-Ann F O’Grady, Debbie M Taylor-Thomson, Anne B Chang, Paul J Torzillo, Peter S Morris, Grant A Mackenzie, Gavin R Wheaton, Paul A Bauert, Margaret P De Campo, John F De Campo and Alan R Ruben
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 592-595. 

Using child health checks to assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity among urban Indigenous children

Annie R Fonda, Geoffrey K Spurling, Deborah A Askew, Peter S W Davies and Noel E Hayman
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 596. 

Assessing the quality of maternal health care in Indigenous primary care services

Alice R Rumbold, Ross S Bailie, Damin Si, Michelle C Dowden, Catherine M Kennedy, Rhonda J Cox, Lynette O’Donoghue, Helen E Liddle, Ru K Kwedza, Sandra C Thompson, Hugh P Burke, Alex D Brown, Tarun Weeramanthri and Christine M Connors
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 597-598. 

Society, Culture and Health

Enduring dilemmas of Indigenous health

Emma E Kowal and Yin C Paradies
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 599-600. 

“You’re always hearing about the stats ... death happens so often”: new perspectives on barriers to Aboriginal participation in cardiac rehabilitation

Kate P Taylor, Julie S Smith, Lyn Dimer, Mohammed Ali, Narelle Wilson, Tyra R Thomas and Sandra C Thompson
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 602. 

Emerging themes in Aboriginal child and adolescent mental health: findings from a qualitative study in Sydney, New South Wales

Anna B Williamson, Beverley Raphael, Sally Redman, John Daniels, Sandra J Eades and Naomi Mayers
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 603-605. 

“Just ask!” Identifying as Indigenous in mainstream general practice settings: a consumer perspective

Angela Scotney, Jillian A Guthrie, Kamalini Lokuge and Paul M Kelly
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 609. 

The Research Agenda

Doing more to improve Indigenous health: the new NHMRC Road Map

Warwick P Anderson
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 610-611. 

Strategies for increasing high-quality intervention research in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: views of leading researchers

Jessica M Stewart, Rob W Sanson-Fisher, Sandra J Eades and Nicole M Mealing
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 612-615. 

Pandemic influenza

Disproportionate impact of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza on Indigenous people in the Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory

Shaun M Flint, Joshua S Davis, Jiunn-Yih Su, Erin P Oliver-Landry, Benjamin A Rogers, Aaron Goldstein, Jane H Thomas, Uma Parameswaran, Colin Bigham, Kevin Freeman, Paul Goldrick and Steven Y C Tong
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 617-622. 

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in an urban Aboriginal medical service

Ana Herceg, Peter G Sharp, Christine G Arthur and Julie A Tongs
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 623. 

Book review

“Closing the gap” by opening hearts

John Boulton
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (10): 584.