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Volume 192, Issue 9 — 3 May, 2010

From the editor’s desk

Dehumanising hospital wards

Martin B Van Der Weyden
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 481. 

In This Issue

Dr Ann Gregory
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 482. 


Lightening our carbon footprint: economics, norms and doctors

Colin D Butler
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 485-486.

Role of triple antithrombotic therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation and coronary artery stents

Jeremy S Paikin, Shamir R Mehta and John W Eikelboom
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 487-488.


Australian clinical practice guidelines — a national study

Heather A Buchan, Kay C Currie, Emma J Lourey and Geraint R Duggan
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 490-494. 

Establishment of a successful assessment and treatment service for Australian prison inmates with chronic hepatitis C

Leng Boonwaat, Paul S Haber, Michael H Levy and Andrew R Lloyd
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 496-500. 

Do users of mental health services lack access to general practitioner services?

Qun Mai, C D’Arcy J Holman, Frank M Sanfilippo, Jonathan D Emery and Louise M Stewart
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 501-506. 

Health care reform

The Rudd government’s health reform 2010

Martin B Van Der Weyden
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 507.

Prime Minister Rudd’s plan for reforming Australian public hospitals

David G Penington
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 507-508.

Reforming Australian health care: the first instalment

John S Deeble
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 509.

Taking the first step toward a healthier future

Christine C Bennett
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 510.

The 2010 Rudd plan: will it actually deliver better health services?

Ian B Hickie
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 511-512.

The Rudd reforms: a poisoned chalice in the long run

Jeff R J Richardson
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 513-514.

Medicine and the law

Clinical update

Percutaneous management of aortic stenosis in high-risk patients

Jamie J Layland, Brendan Bell, Dan Mullany and Darren L Walters
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 520-525. 

For debate

Super size me: is a big Australia good for our health?

Deborah Pelser
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 526-527. 


Reforming Australia’s health system, again

Anne-marie Boxall
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 528-530. 

Lessons from practice

Swimming pool filter-induced transrectal evisceration in children: Australian experience

Neil R Price, S V Soundappan, Anthony L Sparnon and Danny T Cass
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 534-536. 


An audit of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza vaccine wastage in general practice

Caroline E Turnour, Stephen J Conaty and Michelle A Cretikos
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 541.

Pandemic influenza testing at the coalface: time for reassessment?

David W Smith, David J Speers and Rodney A Bowman
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 541-542.

Heterotopic pancreas causing intussusception in a child

Narotam R Jootun, Hock P Cheah, Siddath C Fernando, William S Munro and Martin Veysey
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 542.

Pneumonia risk stratification in tropical Australia: does the SMART-COP score apply?

Joshua S Davis, Allen C Cheng, Bart J Currie and Nicholas M Anstey
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 542-543. 

Computerised prescribing: assessing the impact on prescription repeats and on generic substitution of some commonly used antibiotics

Joan V Henderson, Christopher M Harrison and Helena C Britt
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 543-544.


Dyspnoea caused by retained food in the oesophagus

Nicola Mumoli
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 500. 


Early evidence for direct and indirect effects of the infant rotavirus vaccine program in Queensland

Stephen B Lambert, Cassandra E Faux, Lisa Hall, Frances A Birrell, Karen V Peterson, Christine E Selvey, Theo P Sloots, Michael D Nissen and Keith Grimwood
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 525. 

Book review

Assessing elderly drivers’ roadworthiness

Ilian Kamenoff
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 536.


In Other Journals

Dr Alison Williams
Med J Aust 2010; 192 (9): 540.