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MJA Careers

Volume 206, Issue 4 — 6 March, 2017


News briefs Cate Swannell
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 148. 


Overcoming negative perceptions among Australian medical students about a career in general practice David Townsend, Nicola Campbell and Claire Chandler
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 149-150.
Beyond ice: rethinking Australia's approach to illicit drugs Matthew Y Frei and Alex D Wodak
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 151-152. 
Variation in the costs of surgery: seeking value David J Hillis, David AK Watters, Lawrie Malisano, Nick Bailey and David Rankin
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 153-154. 
Holistic medicine provision in the outback John T Wenham, Malcolm Moore and Zachary Pancer
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 155-156.

Medical education

Lessons from practice
Light-based epilation device-related injury to the cornea Lawrence Oh and Stephanie Watson
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 157.
Teaching future doctors for modern health care Zsuzsoka Kecskes and Imogen Mitchell
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 158-159.
Henoch–Schönlein purpura following Yersinia enterocolitica infection Kylie Ngu, Kate J Robson and David J Goodman
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 160.

Book/Media/App Review

Book/Media/App review
Theory, history and contemporary topics for medical education scholars Victoria A Brazil
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 160.


Self-poisoning by older Australians Malcolm J Hopwood
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 161-162. 
Variation in the fees of medical specialists: problems, causes, solutions Ian S McRae and Kees C van Gool
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 162-163. 


Self-poisoning by older Australians: a cohort study Peter I Pillans, Colin B Page, Sivarajah Ilango, Anna Kashchuk and Geoffrey K Isbister
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 164-169. 
Understanding 30-day re-admission after hospitalisation of older patients for diabetes: identifying those at greatest risk Gillian E Caughey, Nicole L Pratt, John D Barratt, Sepehr Shakib, Anna R Kemp-Casey and Elizabeth E Roughead
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 170-175. 

Narrative review

Thirty years of the World Health Organization’s target caesarean section rate: time to move on Stephen J Robson and Caroline M de Costa
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 181-185. 


Public access defibrillation: emerging importance of automated external defibrillators as a diagnostic clinical tool Andrew D Mulligan, Omar Al-Mukhtar and Michael Wong
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (4): 186.