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Delivering timely interventions: the impact of the internet on mental health

E-mental health: a new era in delivery of mental health services
Helen Christensen; Ian B Hickie
The efficacy of internet interventions for depression and anxiety disorders: a review of randomised controlled trials
Kathleen M Griffiths; Louise Farrer; Helen Christensen
Review of internet-based prevention and treatment programs for anxiety and depression in children and adolescents
Alison L Calear; Helen Christensen
Internet-based interventions for young people with problematic substance use: a systematic review
Robert J Tait; Helen Christensen
The internet as a setting for mental health service utilisation by young people
Jane M Burns; Tracey A Davenport; Lauren A Durkin; Georgina M Luscombe; Ian B Hickie
Reach Out Central: a serious game designed to engage young men to improve mental health and wellbeing
Jane M Burns; Marianne Webb; Lauren A Durkin; Ian B Hickie
Practitioner-supported delivery of internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy: evaluation of the feasibility of conducting a cluster randomised trial
Ian B Hickie; Tracey A Davenport; Georgina M Luscombe; Michael Moore; Kathleen M Griffiths; Helen Christensen
Stepped care for depression in primary care: what should be offered and how?
Annemieke van Straten; Wike Seekles; Nelleke J van ‘t Veer-Tazelaar; Aartjan T F Beekman; Pim Cuijpers
Beacon: a web portal to high-quality mental health websites for use by health professionals and the public
Helen Christensen; Kristen Murray; Alison L Calear; Kylie Bennett; Anthony Bennett; Kathleen M Griffiths
Is internet treatment for depressive and anxiety disorders ready for prime time?
Gavin Andrews; Nickolai Titov
e-hub: an online self-help mental health service in the community
Kylie Bennett; Julia Reynolds; Helen Christensen; Kathleen M Griffiths
Using e-health applications to deliver new mental health services
Helen Christensen; Ian B Hickie