Volume 186 Issue 10 Supplement

21 May 2007

Spirituality and Health

Spirituality and health

Proceedings of the 1st Australian Conference on Spirituality and Health
Adelaide, 28–29 July 2005

Editorial advisory committee

Hosen Kiat (Sydney, NSW); Harold G Koenig (Durham, North Carolina);
Ian Maddocks (Adelaide, SA); Mark Musick (Austin, Texas);
Bruce D Rumbold (Melbourne, VIC); Jennifer Wiltshire (Sydney, NSW)

The publication of this supplement was supported by grants from
Adventist Health, Sydney Adventist Hospital and the Sanitarium Health Food Company.

These organisations had no input into the content or preparation of the supplement.

Harold G Koenig

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S45 Open Access

David R Williams and Michelle J Sternthal

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S47 Open Access

Marek Jantos and Hosen Kiat

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S51 Open Access

Richard M Eckersley

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S54 Open Access

Russell D'Souza

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S57 Open Access

Bruce D Rumbold

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S60 Open Access

Gerald R Winslow and Betty J Wehtje-Winslow

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S63 Open Access

Clare Wilding

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S67 Open Access

Gary L Hopkins, Duane McBride, Helen H Marshak, Kiti Freier, John V Stevens Jr, Wendi Kannenberg, James B Weaver III, Stephanie L Sargent Weaver, Peter N Landless and Jonathan Duffy

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S70 Open Access

Elizabeth B MacKinlay and Corinne Trevitt

Med J Aust 2007; 186 (10): S74 Open Access