Volume 220 Issue 4

4 March 2024


Dawn Casey and Patricia Turner

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 170-171 Open Access

Anton van der Vegt, Victoria Campbell and Guido Zuccon

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 172-175 Open Access

Rebecca Goodall, Emily Matejin, Sean Fabri and Paul Eleftheriou

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 176-179 Open Access

Samantha Howe, Driss Ait Ouakrim, Tony Blakely and Coral E Gartner

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 180-183 Open Access

Editor's choice

Virginia Barbour

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 169-169 Free

Medical education

Lessons from practice

Lipin Lukose, Shrey Seth, Kamal Sud, Brian Nankivell, Mary Ann Nicdao and Ronald L Castelino

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 184-185 Open Access


Valerie M Swift and Christopher G Brennan‐Jones

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 186-187 Free


Claire Gibbs, Timothy Howarth, Adriana Ticoalu, Winnie Chen, Payi L Ford, Asanga Abeyaratne, Lata Jayaram, Gabrielle McCallum and Subash S Heraganahally

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 188-195 Open Access

Lisa McHugh, Heather A D’Antoine, Mohinder Sarna, Michael J Binks, Hannah C Moore, Ross M Andrews, Gavin F Pereira, Christopher C Blyth, Paul Van Buynder, Karin Lust and Annette K Regan

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 196-201 Open Access

Jennifer S Reath, Sarah O'Brien, Letitia Campbell, Hasantha Gunasekera, Claudette A Tyson, Deborah A Askew, Wendy Hu, Tim Usherwood, Kelvin Kong, Peter Morris, Amanda J Leach, Robyn Walsh and Penelope A Abbott

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 202-207 Open Access

Research letter

Eloise Price, Aneta Kotevski, Karen Lamb, Digsu Koye, Georgia Taylor, Gabrielle Ebsworth and Luke Burchill

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 208-210 Open Access

Guideline summary

Biswadev Mitra, Margaret Jorgensen, Michael C Reade, Anastazia Keegan, Anthony Holley, Shannon Farmer, Nichole Harvey, James Winearls, Michael Parr and Craig J French, for the Clinical and Consumer Reference Group for the Update of Patient Blood Management Guidelines (Module 1: Critical Bleeding/Massive Transfusion)

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 211-216 Open Access


Amith Shetty, Jean‐Frederic Levesque and Walid Jammal

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 217-217 Free

Prashant Maan, Anup Bansal and Vineet Nayyar

Med J Aust 2024; 220 (4): 218-218 Free