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Sleep disorders: a practical guide for Australian health care practitioners

Coordinating Editors:
Darren R Mansfield and R Doug McEvoy


This supplement was sponsored by the
Australasian Sleep Association and the Sleep Health Foundation.

Sleep loss and sleep disorders
Darren R Mansfield; David R Hillman; Nicholas A Antic; R Doug McEvoy; Shantha M W Rajaratnam
Public health implications of sleep loss: the community burden
David R Hillman; Leon C Lack
Sleep loss and circadian disruption in shift work: health burden and management
Shantha M W Rajaratnam; Mark E Howard; Ronald R Grunstein
Circadian rhythm disorders among adolescents: assessment and treatment options
Delwyn J Bartlett; Sarah N Biggs; Stuart M Armstrong
How to assess, diagnose, refer and treat adult obstructive sleep apnoea: a commentary on the choices
Darren R Mansfield; Nicholas A Antic; R Doug McEvoy
Impact of obstructive sleep apnoea on diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Garun S Hamilton; Matthew T Naughton
Sleep disorders in children
Karen A Waters; Sadasivam Suresh; Gillian M Nixon
Insomnia: prevalence, consequences and effective treatment
David Cunnington; Moira F Junge; Antonio T Fernando