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Medical Journal of Australia
Med J Aust 2012; 197 (11): 600-602. || doi: 10.5694/mja12.11704
Published online: 10 December 2012

A status update on tweets, podcasts, prizes, news . . . and some darn good research

One of the joys — and one of the problems — of a socially oriented online world is the range of publishing possibilities and demands that modern medical journal editors now face. As the MJA approaches its 100th birthday, how do we take advantage of this new environment, while maintaining the longstanding quality and integrity of Australia’s most respected medical publication?

This year, developing our electronic presence has been a major task. After many months of “back office” slog by our dedicated web team, we launched our new website ( The old site was showing its age, having evolved from hosting the occasional unadorned article in 1996 to full content online from 2002. A decade later, our purpose-built site can be considered the definitive MJA. We look forward to adding more functions in the near future to the ones you interact with now.

Another initiative has been the launch of MJA OPEN, an online-only, open-access general medical journal ( Currently, the site hosts high-quality peer-reviewed supplements; next year, we plan to expand the model to include more general content.

We hope you have taken some time to listen to our regular podcasts throughout the year. You may have also noticed us on Twitter, generally pointing to substantial MJA content but also hosting the odd forum; garnering “likes” on Facebook; and discussing medical news on MJA InSight (

This expansion has not compromised our high standards in content and editorial process. As the accompanying statistics show, submissions are up and decision times are down. Our new system of rapid editorial handling of “pitched” abstracts and outlines is also proving popular (

Important debates on our health care system and the medical profession regularly play out in the MJA. Our semi-themed issues on many subjects — infectious diseases, pain medicine, psychiatry, gastroenterology and oncology, in addition to our established general practice and Indigenous health issues — are intended to enhance these important conversations.

We have also enjoyed administering our ever-expanding suite of competitions, including two new prizes — the MJA Dr Eric Dark Creative Writing Prize and the MJA, MDA National, Nossal Global Health Prize — as well as the MJA, MDA National Prize for Excellence in Medical Research and the Dr Ross Ingram Memorial Prize. Stand by for dates and details of next year’s prizes in the January 2013 issue.

The MJA depends on talented and committed partners who generously give of their time and effort. Our peer reviewers (listed on the following pages) continue to impress with constructive, detailed and erudite advice. Our Content Review Committee members and our Specialist Editorial Advisers are our eyes and ears in the clinical and academic worlds and help us keep up to date with new developments in the medical and surgical disciplines. To ensure the quality of published research, the MJA’s Consultant Biostatistician, Associate Professor Elmer Villanueva, now joins us at our weekly research manuscript meetings. Dr Leah Kaminsky — as Deputy Editor, Poetry and Fiction — infuses a little bit of magic to curate our creative writing contributions and, like our international peers, to maintain the MJA’s presence in the medical literary world.

In May, and after two decades’ service of dedicated, unsurpassed quality, our longstanding stalwart, Senior Deputy Editor Dr Bronwyn Gaut, moved on for a new career in medical informatics liaison. It is impossible to imagine an MJA without Bronwyn, and we continue to call on her for advice when difficult questions arise.

The MJA is currently under interim editorship. The Australasian Medical Publishing Company board is now seeking expressions of interest for a new Editor to take the MJA to its 100th birthday in 2014 and beyond.

In 2011, Queen Elizabeth II unexpectedly impressed even information technology aficionados when she reportedly bought an iPad (she bought an iPod a few years ago) after her grandsons let her try out their devices. Similarly, as the MJA approaches its centenary, we hope that our initiatives continue to reach out to the medical community in new, surprising and productive ways. Like 21st century grannies everywhere, the MJA is fully herself, fully wired and ready for anything.

Manuscripts received 2011–2012


accepted/received (%)


630/1799 (35%)


82/562 (15%)


12/168 (7%)


70/140 (50%)


188/287 (66%)

Mean days to decision

To reject

33 (research articles, 37)

To accept

71 (research articles, 153)

Reviewers used


Impact factor (2011)


MJA Reviewers 2012

Content Review Committee
Craig S Anderson
Flavia M Cicuttini
Mark F Harris
A Thomas C Kotsimbos
Campbell H Thompson
Timothy Usherwood
Elmer VS Villanueva
E Haydn Walters
Bruce P Waxman
Jeffrey D Zajac

Specialist Editorial Advisors
Derek P B Chew
Richard O Day
David A Ellwood
Paul B Fitzgerald
Leon Flicker
Charles S Guest
Mark F Harris
Noel E Hayman
Michael Horowitz
Craig M Mellis
Martin HN Tattersall
Bruce P Waxman
Gary A Wittert
David J Wood

(reviews submitted
01/11/2011 - 31/10/2012)
Sarah J Abrahamson
Stephen P Ackland
Susan E Adams
Barbara-Ann Adelstein
Michael A Adena
Roman A Ahmed
Philip D Aitken
Chris P Alderman
Heather G I Alexander
Charles Algert
Robert L Ali
Carolyn A Allan
Richard D M Allen
Suellen Allen
Roger W G Allison
Steve J Allsop
Geoffrey Ambler
John V Amerena
Ian P S Anderson
Warwick P Anderson
David Andresen
Gavin Andrews
James A Angus
Thierry Appelboom
Padmasiri E Aratchige
H Thomas Aretz
Nigel R Armfield
Jason M Armstrong
Paul Armstrong
Peter C Arnold
Jeffrey K Aronson
Peter Arvier
Michael A Ashby
Deborah A Askew
John J Atherton
William (Bill) Atkin
David N Atkinson
Marie-Paule V Austin
Philip E G Aylward
Oyekoya T Ayonrinde
Rodney J Baber
Christopher J Baggoley
Peter A Baghurst
Michael Baigent
Brian P Bailey
Michael J Bailey
Paul M Bailey
Ross S Bailie
Christopher A Bain
Surinder Baines
Philip R Baker
Ross I Baker
Eileen Baldry
Madeline J Ball
John I Balla
Zsolt J Balogh
Hilary J Bambrick
Amanda Barnard
David J Barnes
Adrian G Barnett
Ian G Barr
Christopher A Barton
Roger W Bartrop
Darryl L Bassett
Lis Bastian
Peter E Baume
Gareth S Baynam
Robert W Beal
Jeffrey Beckett
Stephen J Begg
Justin J Beilby
Kirsten Bell
Sally J Bell
John F Beltrame
Charmian Bennett
Jill Benson
Alan Bensoussan
David I Ben-Tovim
Roy G Beran
Charles N Bernstein
Andrew D Bersten
Andrew V Biankin
Beverley-Ann Biggs
Craig M Bingham
Colin W Binns
Hudson H Birden
Frances A Birrell
Deborah A Black
Kirsten I Black
David J Blacker
Christopher F Bladin
Alex Blaszczynski
C Leigh Blizzard
Fiona M Blyth
Neville Board
Felix Bochner
Nikolai Bogduk
Michael D Bollen
Stephen N C Bolsin
Michael A Bonning
Robert Booy
Ron A Bouchard
Francis J Bowden
Simon D Bowler
Phillip M Boyce
Ian W Boyd
Frances M Boyle
Clare E Bradley
Caroline A Brand
Annette J Braunack-Mayer
Graeme A Brazenor
Alan C Breen
Kerry J Breen
Frank P Brennan
Bruce J Brew
Joan M Brewster
Jo-anne E Brien
Esther M Briganti
Nancy E Briggs
Timothy A Brighton
Fraser Brims
Peter J Bristow
Helena C Britt
Sumudu Britton
Sonia L Brockington
Henry Brodaty
Leah M Bromfield
Peter M Brooks
Lisa M Brophy
Anthony F T Brown
Graham V Brown
Lona C Brown
Margaret Brown
Mark A Brown
Simon G A Brown
Lois H Browne
David G Bruce
Ingrid Bucens
Rachelle Buchbinder
David J Buckley
Nicholas A Buckley
Liliana Bulfone
Ann L Bull
Chris Bullen
Alexandra J C Bune
Jonathan G W Burdon
John R Burgess
David P Burgner
Bryan H Burmeister
Leslie Burnett
Kara Burns
Robert Burton
Michelle Butler
Tony G Butler
Jim P Buttery
Brian F Buxton
Julie E Byles
Petra T Bywood
John F Cade
Dominique A Cadilhac
Tim M Cain
J William F Cairns
Leonie K Callaway
Adrian J Cameron
Peter A Cameron
W Ian Cameron
Donald A Campbell
Marilyn A Campbell
William G Campbell
Karen Canfell
Marion Carey
Timothy Carey
John B Carlin
Andrew D Carr
Gerard E Carroll
Phillip J Carson
Judith Cashmore
Alan Cass
Erin Cassell
David J Castle
Michael G Catton
Antonio Celenza
Donald R C Chalmers
Alex J Chamberlain
Albert K F Chan
Lewis W Chan
Kathryn E Chapman
Michael G Chapman
Simon Chapman
Kylie Charlton
Barry E Chatterton
Celia S-W Chen
Jian Sheng C Chen
Rosalind C-Y Chen
Allen C Cheng
Ian R Cheong
N Wah Cheung
Winston K Cheung
Tien Chey
E Mary Chiarella
Tanya N Chikritzhs
Marcia D Childress
Jacqueline H Chirgwin
Peter F M Choong
Roberta T Chow
Leonid Churilov
Flavia M Cicuttini
Stephen L Clark
William A Clark
Caroline F Clarke
Philip M Clarke
Lyn E Clearihan
Geoff J Cleghorn
Mark Clements
Peter M Clifton
Hazel J Clothier
Alan R Clough
Harvey L C Coates
Enrico W Coiera
Stephen Colagiuri
Judith M Cole
Justin J Coleman
Alison F Colley
Peter J Collignon
Felicity A Collins
John P Collins
Nicholas P Collins
Peter G Colman
Jennifer J Conn
Julie Considine
Angus Cook
Matthew C Cook
Raymond J Cook
Alan J Cooper
Celia M Cooper
Gabrielle M Cooper
Stephen M Cordner
Sophie Couzos
Steven G Coverdale
Benjamin C Cowie
Benjamin J Cowling
Brian Cox
Terry J Coyne
Paul S Craft
Maria E Craig
Peter R Crampton
Helen M Creasey
Michelle A Cretikos
John L Crompton
Brendan J Crotty
Timothy C Crowe
Caroline A Crowther
Adrian G Cummins
Bart J Currie
Jackie E Curtis
Peter H N d'Abbs
Phil Dalgarno
Andrew Dalton
Craig B Dalton
Seamus E Dalton
Diona Damian
E R David Dammery
Vanessa Danthir
Anita L D'Aprano
Anthony M Dart
Mary-Ann Davey
Sandra K Davidson
Andrew R Davies
Philip K Davies
Andrew M Davis
John Davis
Joshua S Davis
Stephen M Davis
Wendy A Davis
Carolyn A Day
Richard O Day
John F de Campo
David J de Carle
Caroline M de Costa
Nicholas H de Klerk
Gregory M de Moore
Loretta R de Plevitz
Shelley Deeks
Louisa Degenhardt
Christopher B Del Mar
Martin B Delatycki
Leigh W Delbridge
Michael C d'Emden
Apo Demirkol
Louise Dennis
A Robert Denniss
Paul V Desmond
Catherine A D'Este
Karen M Detering
James A Dickinson
Jan E Dickinson
Geert-Jan Dinant
Geoffrey J Dobb
Malcolm D H Dobbin
Timothy A Dobbins
Annette J Dobson
Jodie M Dodd
Anthony J Dodds
Stephen L Doggett
Dorota A Doherty
Kate A Dolan
Xenia Dolja-Gore
Kim C Donaghue
Basil Donovan
Matthew P Doogue
Julian J Dooley
Gregory J Dore
Catherine M Douglass
Jo A Douglass
Robert P Dowsett
Brian M Draper
Stephen J Duckett
Johan A Duflou
Paul M Dugdale
Anne E Duggan
Andrew J Duggins
Trevor Duke
James A Dunbar
Stewart M Dunn
David Dunt
Shane R Durkin
Terence Dwyer
Christine A Dykstra
Sandra J Eades
Creswell J Eastman
John G Eastwood
Peter R Ebeling
Carl W Edmonds
Hooi C Ee
Looi C Ee
Elif I Ekinci
Diann S Eley
Jaklin A Eliott
Dallas R English
Simon J Erickson
Edzard Ernst
Adrian J Esterman
Daniel P Ewald
Shaun C Ewen
Paul A Fagan
Christopher K Fairley
Kieran E Fallon
H John Fardy
Jillann F Farmer
Annabelle Farnsworth
Daniel M Fatovich
Thomas A Faunce
Michael R Fearnside
Julian A Feller
Paul A Fennessy
John K Ferguson
Mark J Ferson
James E Fielding
Caroline F Finch
David W Firman
Marty J Firth
John W Fisher
Malcolm McD Fisher
Kenneth D Fitch
D James Fitzgerald
Gerard J FitzGerald
Patrick E B FitzGerald
M Andrew Fitzpatrick
Louisa Flander
Stephen C Flecknoe-Brown
Karen M Flegg
David R Fletcher
Janice M Fletcher
Leon Flicker
Kathy L Flitcroft
Victoria Flood
Christopher M Florkowski
Eleanor M Flynn
Romano A Fois
Therese M Foran
David A Forbes
Roberto Forero
Brett H Forge
S Lesley Forster
Adrienne K Forsyth
Kevin D Forsyth
Lyn J Fragar
Robert D Fraser
Craig J French
John K French
Martyn A H French
Simon D French
Ofra Fried
Gavin W Frost
Mark Frydenberg
Gordian W O Fulde
Adrian Fung
Alexander S Gallus
Ed J Gane
Hector H Garcia
Robert (aka Frank) A Gardiner
Andrew P Garnham
Matt D Gaughwin
Val J Gebski
Laurie B Geffen
Alex George
Charles R P George
Paul Gerber
Dorota M Gertig
Michael E Giblin
Heather F Gidding
Andrew L Gilbert
Gwendolyn L Gilbert
Marisa T Gilles
James Gillespie
Amanda K Gilligan
Conor Gilligan
Rodney C Givney
Paul P Glasziou
Nicholas S Glozier
Robert Gocentas
Stacy K Goergen
Michael S Gold
Sharon R Goldfeld
David Goldstein
Paul N Goldwater
Rebecca K Golley
Phillip D Good
Adrienne Gordon
Alexandra S Gorelik
Des F Gorman
Iain B Gosbell
C Roger Goucke
Robert I Graham
Andis Graudins
Stephen E Graves
Stephen R Graves
Angus J Gray
M Lindsay Grayson
Shaun L Greene
William Griggs
Mathis Grossmann
Sonia R Grover
Michele A Groves
Russell L Gruen
Charles S Guest
Hasantha Gunasekera
Naren Gunja
Michelle P B Guppy
Leena Gupta
Lyle C Gurrin
Jillian A Guthrie
Steven J Haas
Sandra M Hacker
Mary M Haines
Jane P Hall
Robert G Hall
Wayne D Hall
John D Hamilton
Ian R Hamilton-Craig
Geoffrey Hammond
Heather Hancock
Terry J Hannan
Janet Hardy
William S C Hare
Richard W Harper
Margaret-Anne Harris
Mark F Harris
Bernie T Harrison
John A L Hart
Mary Anne Hartley
Peter W Harvey
Phillipa J Hay
Noel E Hayman
Kali W Hayward
Philip L Hazell
Christopher H Heath
William F Heddle
Emma L Heeley
Edward B Heffernan
Kelsey L Hegarty
Ralf G Heine
Margaret E Hellard
Robert D Helme
Michael A Henderson
Delia V Hendrie
Robert Henning
David A Henry
Wayne M Herdy
Wilson J Heriot
Peter Hersey
David G Hewett
Ian K Hewitt
Martha Hickey
Ian B Hickie
Sophie J Hill
Janet E Hiller
Lynne Hillier
Kenneth M Hillman
Sarah N Hilmer
Harriet Hiscock
Peter G Hobbins
Christopher D Hogan
Patrick G Hogan
Bevan D Hokin
C D'Arcy J Holman
Chris B Holmwood
Malcolm J Hopwood
Dell E Horey
Janet Hornbuckle
John D Horowitz
Danielle R Horyniak
Kenneth F Hossack
Nehmat Houssami
Kirsten Howard
Peter P Howley
Jennifer F Hoy
Wendy E Hoy
Rae-Lin Huang
John S Humphreys
Leonie G Hunt
Peter C Hunter
Alexander P Hunyor
Mark Hurwitz
John M Hutson
Zoe Hyde
Francesco L Ierino
Peter J Illingworth
Charles A Inderjeeth
Devon Indig
Timothy J J Inglis
Paul R Ingram
Michael Inouye
Les M Irwig
Anton N Isaacs
Timothy W Isaacs
Geoffrey K Isbister
James P Isbister
Rebecca Q Ivers
Lisa R Jackson Pulver
Peter A Jacoby
Paul James
Stephen Jan
Edward D Janus
Tania (Tatiana) Janusic
George A Jelinek
V Michael Jelinek
Grant A Jenkin
Garry L R Jennings
George Jerums
A Jane Johnson
Paul D R Johnson

William R Johnson
Brian Johnston
Kylie N Johnston
Trisha C Johnston
Vanessa Johnston
Brian C Jolly
D Brian Jones
Dorothy A Jones
Graham R D Jones
Ian S C Jones
Mark A Jones
Mike P Jones
Rodney P Jones
Timothy W Jones
Anthony F Jorm
Christine M Jorm
Louisa R Jorm
Anthony P Joseph
Stephen M Jurd
Johan D Jurgens
Ross S Kalucy
Leah Kaminsky
Melissa S-L Kang
Nalini Kappagoda
Dilip Kapur
Azar Kariminia
Leonie V Katekar
Peter H Katelaris
Brendon J Kearney
Gerben B Keijzers
Marc J N C Keirse
Nicholas A Keks
Heath A Kelly
Patrick J Kelly
Andrew S Kemp
Sidney H Kennedy
Dianna T Kenny
Alison M Kesson
Yeasmin Khandakar
Michael R Kidd
Monique Kilkenny
John (Jack) Y Killen Jr
Roy M Kimble
James F King
Lesley A King
Adrienne C Kirby
Vikki E Knott
Simon A Koblar
Ann P Koehler
Paul A Komesaroff
Robert J Kosky
Steven Kossard
Mark A Kotowicz
Jerry Koutts
Emma E Kowal
Peter J Krause
Anthea S Krieg
Leonard Kritharides
Janice J-Y Ku
Paul A Kubler
Dennis L Kuchar
Kathleen E Lacy
Petra H Lahmann
Lawrence T Lam
Stephen B Lambert
Timothy J R Lambert
Lisa Lampe
Louis I Landau
Matthew M Large
Peter A Larkins
Sarah L Larkins
Murray Laugesen
Gillian A Laven
Matthew G Law
Karin S Leder
Lynette A Lee
Richard P Lee
Stephen R Leeder
Bruce A Leff
David Legge
Deborah Lehmann
James Leigh
Nat P Lenzo
Gary M Leong
Christopher R Levi
Florence Levy
Sharon R Lewin
Wenbin Liang
Siaw-Teng Liaw
Richard I Lindley
Wendy L Lipworth
Mark Little
Andrew R Lloyd
Serigne N Lo
Sing K Lo
Bebe Loff
David F M Looke
Ruth Lopert
Douglas W Lording
Charles W Lott
Jeanne Louw
Julia M Lowe
Michael P Lowy
Deborah Loxton
Robyn M Lucas
Kehui K Luo
Stephen V Lynch
Kristine Macartney
Graeme A Macdonald
John S Mackenzie
Dorothy E M Mackerras
David Mackey
Finlay A Macrae
Richard Madden
William (Bill) J Madden
Anthea M Magarey
Parker J Magin
Graeme P Maguire
Louise Maher
Qun B Mai
Peter K Maitz
Eugene O Major
Donna B Mak
Michael Makdissi
Gin S Malhi
Haider R Mannan
Roland W Manning
Andrea Mant
Louise J Maple-Brown
Lynette M March
Peter G Markey
Tania P Markovic
Guy B Marks
Romesh Markus
Alexandra L Markwell
John E Marley
Julia V Marley
Andrew G Marsden
Caroline Marshall
Nathaniel S Marshall
Warwick Marshall
Andrew J Martin
Jennifer H Martin
Sarah J Martin
Francis L Mastaglia
John D Mathews
Brian R McAvoy
Kristin E McBain-Rigg
W John H McBride
James S McCarthy
Sally M McCarthy
Geoffrey W McCaughan
Kieran A McCaul
James McCluskey
Geoffrey J McColl
Pamela A McCombe
John McCormack
Joseph G McCormack
Robyn A McDermott
Christine F McDonald
Elizabeth L McDonald
Fiona J McDonald
James N McDonald
Susan J McDonald
Michael A McDonough
Aidan McElduff
Heather J McElroy
Suzanne P McEvoy
Barry P McGrath
Treasure M McGuire
Andrew McIntosh
Catherine A McIntosh
David K McKenzie
Joanne E McKenzie
Andrew J McLachlan
Catriona McLean
Rick McLean
Ruth P McNair
John J McNeil
Graham N Meadows
Jacqueline K Mein
Muhammed A Memon
Angela Merianos
Alan F Merry
Jack Metz
Barbara Meyer
Catherine Mihalopoulos
Antonina A Mikocka-Walus
Thais A Miles
J Alasdair Millar
Graeme C Miller
Joseph C Miller
Roger L Milne
Gary Misan
David H Mitchell
Philip B Mitchell
Rob D Mitchell
Ferdinand Miteff
Francis Mitrou
Paula J Mohacsi
Mohammed M Mohsin
Harry G Mond
Brett D Montgomery
A Rob Moodie
Gavin H Mooney
David J Moore
Katrina H Moore
Tim Moore
Kim L Moretti
Susan J Morgan
Helen J Moriarty
Jonathan M Morris
Philip L P Morris
G Lorimer Moseley
David Mountain
Alison M Mudge
Roger T Mulder
Reinhold M Muller
John Murray
Kenneth A Myers
Ludomyr J Mykyta
Paul S Myles
Sydney M L Nade
Cate A Nagle
L Shriram Nath
Geraldine A Naughton
Mark R Nelson
Paul J Nestel
Harvey H Newnham
Janice G Newton
Hanh T T Ngo
Anh-Minh Nguyen
Tuan V Nguyen
Michael K Nicholas
Suzanne Nielsen
Christopher J Nolan
David A Nolan
Robert E Norton
Caryl A Nowson
Boyo Ockinga
Dianne L O'Connell
Catherine C O'Connor
Kerin O'Dea
Morris S Odell
Christopher J O'Donnell
Jake H Olivier
Ian N Olver
John K Olynyk
Susanne P O'Malley
John W Orchard
Peter K O'Rourke
Louise Owen
Don Packham
Robert T A Padbury
Mark A Paine
Nirmala Pandeya
Michael Panetta
Gordon B Parker
Malcolm H Parker
Stuart G Parker
Bonny Parkinson
William A Parsonage
Jennifer S Parsons
Mark W Parsons
Philip K Pattemore
George C Patton
Craig B Payne
Louis G Peachey
Graeme R Peel
Kieran Pehm
David P Peiris
Alexia S Pena
Stella Pendle
Andrew G Penman
Sumathy Perampalam
Vlado Perkovic
Mark Perrin
Andrew F Pesce
Kathy Petoumenos
Sarah L Pett
Lynne Pezzullo
Christine B Phillips
Gregory Phillips
Stephen R Phillips
Leonard S Piers
Avinesh Pillai
Peter I Pillans
S Praga Pillay
Stephen Pincock
Carole B Pinnock
Marie V Pirotta
Suzanne Pitama
Leon Piterman
Marian K Pitts
Raymond Playford
Jeffrey J Post
P Gawaine Powell Davies
Naomi C Priest
Richard L Prince
Douglas A Pritchard
Paul Prociv
Joseph Proietto
Richard S H Pumphrey
Julie A Quinlivan
Michael A Quinn
Eva Raik
Julian L Rait
Geetha Ranmuthugala
Beverley Raphael
Prem Rashid
Michael D Rawlins
Jennifer S Reath
Julie Redfern
John Reggars
Ian R Reid
Papaarangi Reid
James E Rice
Alun H Richards
Michael J Richards
Drew B Richardson
Malcolm D Riley
Merilyn Riley
Thomas V Riley
Matthew Rimmer
Paul G Rippon
Christopher Roberts
Darren M Roberts
Peter Roberts
Andrew G Robertson
Julie C Robotham
Stephen J Robson
David M Roder
Craig J Rodgers
Gary M Rodin
Paul Rolan
Kathlyn J Ronaldson
Robin Room
John Rosenberg
Sebastian P Rosenberg
Kevin G Rowley
George L Rubin
Richard E Ruffin
William B Runciman
Grant M Russell
Janice D Russell
Susan B Rutkowski
Christopher J Ryan
Monique M Ryan
Avni Sali
Salih A-S Salih
Samir X Samman
Lena A Sanci
Michael J Sandow
W Peter Saul
Julian Savulescu
Robyn P-M Saw
Philip J Schluter
Brenton L Schuetz
Stephan A Schug
Udo Schuklenk
Max A Schwarz
Richard Scolyer
Anthony Scott
Ian A Scott
David J Scrimgeour
Katrina J Scurrah
Holly Seale
Ego Seeman
Michael R Seldon
Mark Selikowitz
Linda A Selvey
Jillian R Sewell
Jamie E Seymour
Jonathan E Shaw
Gillian M Shenfield
Harshvardhan Sheorey
David A Sholl
Rupendra N Shrestha
Aris Siafarikas
William Sievert
Kenneth A Sikaris
Jerzy (George) M Sikorski
Morry Silberstein
Karen N Simmer
Steven R A Simoens
Judy M Simpson
Andrew J Sinclair
Rodney D Sinclair
Andrew P Sindone
Andrew H Singer
Sankar N Sinha
Peter Sivey
John Skelton
Steven J Skov
Danuta Skowronski
Jonathon W Slater
Richard A Smallwood
David E Smith
David W Smith
Graeme Smith
Grant J Smith
Julian A Smith
Malcolm D Smith
Patrick J Smith
Sally Smith
William B Smith
Janet Smylie
Beverley F Snell
Ernest R Somerville
Tania C Sorrell
W John Spicer
Allan D Spigelman
Mark Spigelman
Andrew Spillane
Peter C Sprivulis
Geoffrey K Spurling
Nicola J Spurrier
D James B St John
Rosemary A Stanton
Margaret P Staples
Richard J Stark
Efty P Stavrou
David G Steel
Andrew C Steer
Matthew Stevens
Gregory J Stewart
Jessica M Stewart
Jim R Stockigt
Martin R Stockler
Nigel P Stocks
Timothy R Stockwell
Johannes U Stoelwinder
Mark Stoove
Elsdon Storey
H Victor Storm
Victor C Strasburger
Roger P Strasser
Alison Street
Gordon Stuart
David M Studdert
David R Sullivan
Francis J Sullivan
Rajah Supramaniam
Tatiana Surzhina
Peter D Sutherland
Sally O Sweeney
Melissa A Sweet
Jeffrey Szer
Linda Tapsell
James Tatoulis
Martin H N Tattersall
Hugh R Taylor
J Geoffrey Taylor
Kevin D Tetsworth
Susan Tett
David P Thomas
Josephine S Thomas
Peter P Thomas
Stuart P Thomas
Geoffrey N Thompson
Peter L Thompson
Colin J H Thomson
Peter L Thomson
Joseph Y S Ting
Ronald P Tomlins
Shilu Tong
Anne L Tonkin
Nicholas A Tonti-Filippini
Les J Toop
James Toouli
Duncan J Topliss
Adrienne J Torda
Otilie Tork
Huy A Tran
Joanne F Travaglia
Vincent W M Tse
Geoffrey T Tucker
Raoul deC Tunbridge
Fiona Turnbull
John D Turnidge
Stephen M Twigg
Michael Tynan
Dimitra Tzioumi
Owen A Ung
Timothy Usherwood
Jennifer Utter
David Vaile
Lisa A Valenti
Peter P Van Asperen
Ingrid A van Beek
Martin B Van Der Weyden
Mieke L van Driel
Helen J Van Gessel
Graham V Vimpani
Rosalie C Viney
Renuka Visvanathan
Shelton Wabersinke
Gerard V Wain
Melissa A Wake
Jennifer Walker
Karen Z Walker
Robert J Walker
Robyn M Walker
Thomas D Walker
Euan M Wallace
Mark J Walland
Helen L Walls
John P Walsh
Barry N J Walters
Darren L Walters
E Haydn Walters
Merrilyn Walton
Han Wang
Yueping (Alex) Wang
Zhiqiang Wang
Rosemary Wanganeen
Jeanette E Ward
Michael R Ward
Peter D Ward
Robert S Ware
John D Wark
Emma Warnecke
Grant W Waterer
John A Waterston
Katrina J R Watson
Lyndsey F Watson
John R Waugh
Bruce P Waxman
Susan M Wearne
Ian W Webster
Peter Wein
John M Weiner
Edith Weisberg
Timothy A Welborn
Jennifer M Weller
Mark Wenitong
Ann F Westmore
Antony R Wettstein
R Michael Whitby
Andrew V White
Benjamin P White
Julian White
Susan L White
Gordon S Whyte
Bridget Wilcken
Kay A Wilhelm
Garry J Wilkes
Chris S Wilkinson
David Wilkinson
Dominic J Wilkinson
James L Wilkinson
Simon M Willcock
Graham Willett
George Williams
Patricia Williams
Scott G Williams
David P Wilson
Kenneth D Winkel
Alan M Wolff
Erica M Wood
Fiona M Wood
Timothy O Wood
Paul D Woodhouse
Richard J Woodman
Paul S Worley
Elizabeth J Wylie
Kwang C Yee
Lisa N Yelland
Choong-Siew Yong
Doris Y L Young
Louise Young
Kally Yuen
Jeffrey D Zajac
John R Zalcberg
Christopher Zeitz
John B Ziegler
Paul V Zimmerman
Diana M Zuckerman
Nicholas A Zwar
Karen J Zwi
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