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Spontaneous chylothorax in a 2-year-old child

Manuel E Soto-Martinez, Vanessa Clifford, Tom Clarnette, Sarath Ranganathan and R John Massie
Med J Aust 2011; 195 (7): 415.
Cause of chylothorax: In “Spontaneous chylothorax in a 2-year-old child” in the 2 March 2009 issue of the Journal (Med J Aust 2009; 190: 262-264), the cause of chylothorax was unknown, but attributed to strenuous vomiting. Additional information has become available and trauma is now thought to have been the cause. In a child, this raises the possibility of non-accidental injury.
Manuel E Soto-Martinez
Vanessa Clifford
Tom Clarnette
Sarath Ranganathan
R John Massie

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