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General Practice Vocational Training

General practice education and training: past experiences, current issues and future challenges
Michael R Kidd; Justin J Beilby; Elizabeth A Farmer; Claire L Jackson; Stephen C Trumble
The Australian General Practice Training program — reflections on the past decade
Simon M Willcock; William Coote
The evolution of general practice training in Australia
Stephen C Trumble
Australian and overseas models of general practice training
Richard B Hays; Simon Morgan
General practice training in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
Mary E Martin; Jennifer S Reath
Regionalisation of general practice training — are we meeting the needs of rural Australia?
David G Campbell; Jane H Greacen; Patrick H Giddings; Lesley P Skinner
Vertical integration of teaching in Australian general practice — a survey of regional training providers
Nigel P Stocks; Oliver Frank; Andrew M Linn; Katrina Anderson; Sarah Meertens
Training Australian Defence Force Medical Officers to civilian general practice training standards — reflections on military medicine and its links to general practice education and training
Scott J Kitchener; Elizabeth Rushbrook; Leonard Brennan; Stephen Davis
Family medicine training — the international experience
Richard G Roberts; Vincent R Hunt; Teresa I Kulie; Wesley Schmidt; Julie M Schirmer; Tiago Villanueva; C Ruth Wilson
Strategic approaches to the development of Australia’s future primary care workforce
Mark F Harris; Nicholas A Zwar; Christine F Walker; Sabina M Knight
Getting governance right for a sustainable regionalised business model
Caroline O Laurence; Linda E Black; Mark Rowe; Rod Pearce
Future models of general practice training in Australia
Jon D Emery; Lesley P Skinner; Simon Morgan; Belinda J Guest; Alistair W Vickery
Supervision — growing and building a sustainable general practice supervisor system
Jennifer S Thomson; Katrina J Anderson; Paul R Mara; Alexander D Stevenson