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A pilot study of naltrexone-accelerated detoxification in opioid dependence

James R Bell, Malcolm R Young, Sibyl C Masterman, Amanda Morris and Richard P Mattick
Med J Aust 1999; 171 (1): 26-30.


Objective: 1. To determine whether naltrexone-accelerated detoxification with minimal sedation is an acceptable and effective form of induction onto naltrexone. 2. To monitor outcomes of detoxified patients.
Design: Observational study.
Setting: Medical ward of a general hospital (for detoxification) and a community clinic (for follow-up) in Sydney, NSW, 1998.
Patients: 15 heroin users and 15 people seeking withdrawal from methadone.
Intervention: Detoxification used naltrexone (12.5 or

James R Bell
Malcolm R Young
Sibyl C Masterman
Amanda Morris
Richard P Mattick

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