Volume 171 Issue 1

5 July 1999


Conference Report

  • The New South Wales Drug Summit Alex Wodak, Peter Baume (MJA 1999; 171: 12-13)


  • HIV transmission in a prison system in an Australian State Kate A Dolan, Alex Wodak (MJA 1999; 171: 14-17)
  • HIV prevalence at reception into Australian prisons, 1991-1997 Ann M McDonald, James W Ryan, Phillip R Brown, Chris J Manners, Anthony D Falconer, Raylee C Kinnear, William J Harvey, Peter R Hearne, Mick Banaszczyk, John M Kaldor (MJA 1999; 171: 18-21)
  • Recognising clinical instability in hospital patients before cardiac arrest or unplanned admission to intensive care. A pilot study in a tertiary-care hospital Michael D Buist, Elizabeth Jarmolowski, Paul R Burton, Stephen A Bernard, Bruce P Waxman, Jeremy Anderson (MJA 1999; 171: 22-25)


Notable Cases

Public Health

  • Opioid overdose mortality in Australia, 1964-1997: birth-cohort trends Wayne D Hall, Louisa J Degenhardt, Michael T Lynskey (MJA 1999; 171: 34-37)


  • The realities of ethical review of research in Australia John H Pearn (MJA 1999; 171: 38-39)

MJA Practice Essentials -- Cardiology

  • Stable angina pectoris: treatment and referral options Don McTaggart (MJA 1999; 171: 43-49)