Volume 169 Issue 10

16 November 1998



  • The management of elderly patients with femoral fractures
  • A randomised controlled trial of early intervention versus standard care Cheryl E Swanson, Gregory A Day, Catherine E Yelland, Josiane R Broome, Lorraine Massey, Helen R Richardson, Karel Dimitri, Alan Marsh (MJA 1998; 169: 515-518)
  • Home-based treatment of cellulitis with twice-daily cefazolin Karin Leder, John D Turnidge, M Lindsay Grayson (MJA 1998; 169: 519-522)

Notable Cases

  • Serotonin syndrome resulting from drug interactions Betty S H Chan, Andis Graudins, Ian M Whyte, Andrew H Dawson, George Braitberg, Geoffrey G Duggin (MJA 1998; 169: 523-525)

Medicine and the Community


  • Heparin in acute ischaemic stroke -- The T wave is negative and it's time to stop Graeme J Hankey (MJA 1998; 169: 534-536)

For Debate


MJA Practice Essentials - Gastroenterology

  • Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease David J de Carle (MJA 1998; 169: 549-554)