Volume 166 Issue 3

3 February 1997


  • Tackling elder abuse: the GP’s role Leon Flicker (MJA 1997; 166: 115)
  • The agony of ‘ecstasy’ Jason M White, Felix Bochner, Rodney J Irvine (MJA 1997; 166: 117)


  • Elder abuse: prevalence, intervention and outcomes in patients referred to four Aged Care Assessment Teams Susan E Kurrle, Paul M Sadler, Keri Lockwood, Ian D Cameron (MJA 1997; 166: 119)
  • GP attendance by elderly Australians: evidence for unmet need in elderly men Patricia A Jacomb, Anthony F Jorm, Ailsa E Korten, Bryan Rodgers, Scott Henderson, Helen Christensen (MJA 1997; 166: 123)
  • Hepatitis B and C in New South Wales prisons: prevalence and risk factors Tony G Butler, Kate A Dolan, Mark J Ferson, Linda M McGuinness, Phillip R Brown, Peter W Robertson (MJA 1997; 166: 127) Abstract - Article
  • End-of-life decision-making: community and medical practitioners’ perspectives Margaret A Steinberg, Jake M Najman, Colleen M Cartwright, Sylvia M MacDonald, Gail M Williams (MJA 1997; 166: 131)

Notable Cases

Health Care

  • Universal Precautions: attitudes of Australian and New Zealand anaesthetists Michael J Richards, Grant A Jenkin, Paul D R Johnson (MJA 1997; 166: 138)
  • Universal Precautions and anaesthetists: personalising the message Garry D Phillips (MJA 1997; 166: 141)
  • Universal Precautions and anaesthetists: time for a rethink? Ross K Kerridge (MJA 1997; 166: 142)

Clinical Practice


  • Clinical issues in euthanasia John R Zalcberg, John D Buchanan (MJA 1997; 166: 150)

Medicine in Asia

  • Health and rural-to-urban migration in Thailand. The Population and Community Development Association’s experience in rural development Mechai Viravaidya, Rachel G Sacks (MJA 1997; 166: 152)

MJA Practice Essentials - Rheumatology

  • Rheumatoid arthritis Michael J Ahern, Malcolm D Smith (MJA 1997; 166: 156)