Volume 218 Issue 5

20 March 2023

Editor’s choice

Virginia Barbour

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 195-195 Free


Maddie Heenan, Lucie Rychetnik, Elly Howse, Paul J Beggs, Tarun S Weeramanthri, Fiona Armstrong and Ying Zhang

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 196-202 Open Access

Pat Dudgeon, Abigail Bray and Roz Walker

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 203-205 Open Access

Philip Kiely, Veronica C Hoad, Claire E Styles and Iain B Gosbell

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 206-208

Angela L Todd and Don Nutbeam

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 209-211 Open Access

Medical education

Lessons from practice

Nilanthy Vigneswaran and Elaine Cheong

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 212-213



Prasanna Venkataraman, Amanda L Neil, Geoffrey K Mitchell, Tony Stanton, Stephen Nicholls, Andrew M Tonkin, Gerald F Watts and Thomas H Marwick

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 216-222

Allison Carter, Hamish McManus, James S Ward, Tobias Vickers, Jason Asselin, Greta Baillie, Eric PF Chow, Marcus Y Chen, Christopher K Fairley, Christopher Bourne, Anna McNulty, Phillip Read, Kevin Heath, Nathan Ryder, Jenny McCloskey, Christopher Carmody, Heather McCormack, Kate Alexander, Dawn Casey, Mark Stoove, Margaret E Hellard, Basil Donovan and Rebecca J Guy

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 223-228 Open Access

Research letter

Jessica A Eldredge, Michael O Stormon, Julia E Clark, Scott Nightingale, Brendan McMullan, Brooke Andersen, Christina Travers and Winita Hardikar

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 229-230 Free

Consensus statement

Rebecca J Winter, Yumi Sheehan, Timothy Papaluca, Graeme A Macdonald, Joy Rowland, Anton Colman, Mark Stoove, Andrew R Lloyd and Alexander J Thompson

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 231-237 Open Access


Joshua G Kovoor, Gregory J Page and Pramesh Kovoor

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 238-238 Open Access

Allison Hempenstall, Jay Short, Tonia Marquardt, Valmay Fisher and Janice Johnson

Med J Aust 2023; 218 (5): 238-238