Murray Valley encephalitis: a review of clinical features, diagnosis and treatment

James Knox, Raquel U Cowan, Joseph S Doyle, Matthew K Ligtermoet, John S Archer, James N C Burrow, Steven Y C Tong, Bart J Currie, John S Mackenzie, David W Smith, Mike Catton, Rodney J Moran, Craig A Aboltins and Jack S Richards
Med J Aust 2012; 196 (5): 322-326. || doi: 10.5694/mja11.11026
  • James Knox1
  • Raquel U Cowan2
  • Joseph S Doyle3
  • Matthew K Ligtermoet2
  • John S Archer4
  • James N C Burrow5
  • Steven Y C Tong5,6
  • Bart J Currie5,6
  • John S Mackenzie7,8
  • David W Smith9
  • Mike Catton3
  • Rodney J Moran10
  • Craig A Aboltins2
  • Jack S Richards1

  • 1 Victorian Infectious Diseases Service, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, VIC.
  • 2 The Northern Hospital, Melbourne, VIC.
  • 3 Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory, Melbourne, VIC.
  • 4 Department of Medicine, Austin Health and Northern Health, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC.
  • 5 Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin, NT.
  • 6 Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, NT.
  • 7 Faculty of Health Sciences, Curtin University, Melbourne, VIC.
  • 8 Burnet Institute, Melbourne, VIC.
  • 9 School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Western Australia, Perth, WA.
  • 10 Investigation, Response and Policy Planning and Information Sections. Communicable Disease Prevention and Control, Department of Health, Victoria, Melbourne, VIC.


Competing interests:

No relevant disclosures.

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