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A Guide to Working Abroad for Australian Medical Students and Junior Doctors

Jake Parker, Rob Mitchell, Sarah Mansfield, Jenny Jamieson, David Humphreys, Fred Hersch, Hamish Graham and Kate Brennan
Med J Aust 2011; 194 (12 Suppl): S1-S95.

"Training and working abroad is rewarding professionally and personally for medical students and junior doctors ... A guide to working abroad ... provides everything that travelling students or junior doctors need to make their placement a success. It will be absolutely essential reading for any medical student or junior doctor planning to work abroad. Senior doctors will also find the contents of the guide invaluable."

Dr Andrew Pesce and Dr Michael Bonning

"... thoroughly researched, tightly written and really useful guide which is, in fact, destined to become a classic."

Sir Gustav Nossal

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Jake Parker
Rob Mitchell
Sarah Mansfield
Jenny Jamieson
David Humphreys
Fred Hersch
Hamish Graham
Kate Brennan