Off-label use of medicines: consensus recommendations for evaluating appropriateness

Madlen Gazarian, Maria Kelly, John R McPhee, Linda V Graudins, Robyn L Ward and Terence J Campbell
Med J Aust 2006; 185 (10): 544-548.
  • Madlen Gazarian1,2
  • Maria Kelly3
  • John R McPhee4
  • Linda V Graudins2,1
  • Robyn L Ward1,5
  • Terence J Campbell1,5

  • 1 University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW.
  • 2 Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, Sydney, NSW.
  • 3 NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group, Sydney, NSW.
  • 4 Centre for Values, Ethics and Law in Medicine, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW.
  • 5 St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, NSW.



We acknowledge the valuable contribution to the consensus development process provided by: the Sydney Children’s Hospital Experimental or Un-approved Medication Use Working Party; Dr Debra Kennedy, Director, MotherSafe, (Medications in Pregnancy Advisory Service), the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick; Ms Karen Kaye, Executive Officer, NSW TAG; NSW Health Pharmaceutical Services Branch.

Competing interests:

None identified.

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