Volume 171 Issue 4

16 August 1999



  • Investigation of a cluster of leukaemia in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, 1989-1996 Victoria J Westley-Wise, Bernard W Stewart, Irene Kreis, Paolo F Ricci, Anthony Hogan, Chris Darling, Steve Corbett, John Kaldor, Neill H Stacey, Pauline Warburton (MJA 1999; 171: 178-183)
  • Prostate cancer testing: behaviour, motivation and attitudes among Western Australian men Terry J Slevin, Neil Donnelly, Johanna P Clarkson, Dallas R English, Jeanette E Ward (MJA 1999; 171: 185-188)


Diagnostic Dilemma

  • What is the cause of a rash after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination? Grant A Jenkin, Doris Chibo, Heath A Kelly, Pauline A Lynch, Mike G Catton (MJA 1999; 171: 194-195)

Public Health

  • A population-based study of children with cerebral tuberculosis in New South Wales Nik Arestis, Yeh-Jui Tham, Peter B McIntyre, David Isaacs, Pam Palasanthiran, John K Ferguson, Ian Wilkinson, David Dawson, Amanda J Christensen (MJA 1999; 171: 197-200)


  • Antenatal screening for HIV in Australia: time to revise policies? John B Ziegler (MJA 1999; 171: 201-203)

Sports Medicine

Clinical Update

  • Essential thrombocythaemia Mark A Bentley, Kerry McD Taylor, Susan J Wright (MJA 1999; 171: 210-213)