Volume 170 Issue 9

3 May 1999


  • The human element of adverse events Charles A Vincent (MJA 1999; 170: 404-405)
  • Auditing trauma outcomes: Australia needs a national approach Anthony P Joseph, Simon R Finfer, Michael J Parr (MJA 1999; 170: 405-406)
  • What's the use of oral vitamin B12? Jack Metz (MJA 1999; 170: 407-408)
  • Cardiovascular disease at the turn of the century Andrew M Tonkin, Stan Bennett (MJA 1999; 170: 408-409)


  • An analysis of the causes of adverse events from the Quality in Australian Health Care Study Ross McL Wilson, Bernadette T Harrison, Robert W Gibberd, John D Hamilton (MJA 1999; 170: 411-415)
  • Management of severe trauma in intensive care units and surgical wards Graeme J Duke, Peter T Morley, D James Cooper, Francis T McDermott, Stephen M Cordner, Ann B Tremayne (MJA 1999; 170: 416-419)
  • The extraction of quality-of-care clinical indicators from State health department administrative databases Jennifer W Majoor, Joseph E Ibrahim, Flavia M Cicuttini, Neil W Boyce, John J McNeil (MJA 1999; 170: 420-424)

Indigenous Health

MJA Practice Essentials -- Cardiology

  • Palpitations: reassurance or more? Jitu K Vohra (MJA 1999; 170: 442-448)