Volume 170 Issue 11

7 June 1999


  • Parasitic meningitis Paul Prociv (MJA 1999; 170: 517-518)
  • Primary stenting in acute myocardial infarction: paving the way to arterial patency Ian T Meredith (MJA 1999; 170: 518-519)
  • Australians with renal disease: a new national survey Esther M Briganti, John F Knight, Robert C Atkins, John J McNeil (MJA 1999; 170: 520-521)
  • Living from day to day -- or generation to generation Charles S Guest (MJA 1999; 170: 521-522)


  • Hormone replacement therapies in women at risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis in South Australia in 1997 Alastair H MacLennan, David H Wilson, Anne W Taylor (MJA 1999; 170: 524-527)
  • Japanese encephalitis in north Queensland, Australia, 1998 Jeffrey N Hanna, Scott A Ritchie, Debra A Phillips, Jonathan M Lee, Susan L Hills, Andrew F van den Hurk, Alyssa T Pyke, Cheryl A Johansen, John S Mackenzie (MJA 1999; 170: 533-536)


Diagnostic Dilemmas

  • A fatal case of angiostrongyliasis in an 11-month-old infant Claire M Cooke-Yarborough, Andrew J Kornberg, Geoffrey G Hogg, David M Spratt, Jocelyn R L Forsyth (MJA 1999; 170: 541-543)

Clinical Update

Medicine and the Law

  • Lipovac v Black: was Dr Black negligent? Paul Gerber (MJA 1999; 170: 550-552)

MJA Practice Essentials -- Cardiology

  • The slow pulse: is a pacemaker necessary? Susan J Corcoran, Lynne Pressley (MJA 1999; 170: 556-561)