Volume 169 Issue 2

20 July 1998


  • How safe is Australian general practice and how can it be made safer? Michael R Kidd, Bronwyn M Veale (MJA 1998; 169: 67-68)
  • Diabetes in pregnancy Robert G Moses (MJA 1998; 169: 68-69)
  • Rare diseases and "orphan" drugs Brian L Hillcoat (MJA 1998; 169: 69-70)
  • Rebuilding the English National Health Service: doctors in the driving seat? Jeffrey Braithwaite, Don Hindle, Pieter J Degeling (MJA 1998; 169: 71-72)


  • Analysing potential harm in Australian general practice: an incident-monitoring study Alice L Bhasale, Graeme C Miller, Sharon E Reid, Helena C Britt (MJA 1998; 169: 73-76) Abstract - Article
  • Suicide among young Australians, 1964-1993: an interstate comparison of metropolitan and rural trends Michael J Dudley, Norman J Kelk, Tony M Florio, John P Howard, Brent G H Waters (MJA 1998; 169: 77-80) Abstract - Article
  • The Melbourne Pre-Diabetes Study: prediction of type 1 diabetes using antibody and metabolic testing Peter G Colman, Peter McNair, Heather Margetts, Robert S Schmidli, George A Werther, Frank P Alford, Glenn M Ward, Brian D Tait, Margo C Honeyman, Leonard C Harrison (MJA 1998; 169: 81-84)
  • The influence of information provided by patients on the accuracy of medication records Philip A Atkin, Robert S Stringer, John B Duffy, Carol Elion, Claude S Ferraris, Shavtay R Misrachi, Gillian M Shenfield (MJA 1998; 169: 85-88)


  • The first report of Anopheles farauti sensu stricto below the nineteenth parallel at Mackay, Queensland Andrew F van den Hurk, Scott A Ritchie, Alan Ingram, Robert D Cooper (MJA 1998; 169: 89-90)


  • Venlafaxine withdrawal reactions Ian W Boyd (MJA 1998; 169: 91-92)

Consensus Statement


Medical Education

  • As others see us: students' role models in medicine J Jill Gordon, Patricia M Lyon (MJA 1998; 169: 103-105)

MJA Practice Essentials - Gastroenterology

  • Coeliac disease Gavin D Barr, Martin J Grehan (MJA 1998; 169: 109-114)