Volume 168 Issue 5

2 March 1998


  • Health policy -- the process and the politics Hal Swerissen (MJA 1998; 168: 205-206)
  • The weighty issues of perimenopausal and menopausal hormone therapy Henry G Burger (MJA 1998; 168: 206-207)


  • Smoking behaviours of Australian adults in 1995: trends and concerns David J Hill, Victoria M White, Michelle M Scollo (MJA 1998; 168: 209-213) Abstract - Article
  • Hormone therapy in women in the menopause transition. Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of effects on body weight, blood pressure, lipoprotein levels, antithrombin III activity, and the endometrium Soo-Keat Khoo, Margaret J Coglan, Gordon R Wright, Kerry N DeVoss, Diana Battistutta (MJA 1998; 168: 216-220)
  • Two contiguous outbreaks of dengue type 2 in north Queensland Jeffrey N Hanna, Scott A Ritchie, Anthony D Merritt, Andrew F van den Hurk, Debra A Phillips, Ina L Serafin, Robert E Norton, W John H McBride, Fleur V Gleeson, Michael Poidinger (MJA 1998; 168: 221-225)

Notable Cases

  • Polymyositis caused by a new genus of nematode Xenia Dennett, Stan J Siejka, John R H Andrews, Ian Beveridge, David M Spratt (MJA 1998; 168: 226-227)


  • Why Australia needs minimum standards of deliberation for public health Matt D Gaughwin (MJA 1998; 168: 228-229)

New Drugs, Old Drugs

  • Beta-Adrenoceptor blocking agents Henry Krum, Prakash Pillay (MJA 1998; 168: 232-235)


MJA Practice Essentials - Mental Health