Volume 166 Issue 9

5 May 1997


  • Are we committed to improving the safety of health care? Ross McL Wilson, Bernadette T Harrison (MJA 1997; 166: 452-453)
  • The Australian Red Cross Blood Service Robert Hetzel, Richard Kimber (MJA 1997; 166: 453-454)
  • HTLV-I and blood safety: let the community decide John M Kaldor (MJA 1997; 166: 454-455)


  • Reporting of adverse events in hospitals in Victoria, 1994-1995 Denise A O’Hara, Norman J Carson (MJA 1997; 166: 460-463)
  • A profile of inpatient STD-related pelvic inflammatory disease in the Top End of the Northern Territory of Australia Jacki Mein, Francis J Bowden (MJA 1997; 166: 464-467)
  • Urinary diagnosis of gonorrhoea and chlamydia in men in remote Aboriginal communities Steven J Skov, Penny Miller, Wayne Hateley, Ivan B Bastian, Jenny Davis, Peter W Tait (MJA 1997; 166: 468-471) Abstract - Article

Notable Cases

  • A Queensland family with ciguatera after eating coral trout Peter J Fenner, Richard J Lewis, John A Williamson, Michael L Williams (MJA 1997; 166: 473-475)

Controversies in Health Care

Health Care

  • Every defect a treasure: learning from adverse events in hospitals Brent C James (MJA 1997; 166: 484-487)

MJA Practice Essentials - Respiratory Medicine

  • An update on the diagnosis and management of respiratory illness Charles A Mitchell, Christine R Jenkins (MJA 1997; 166: 490)
  • The patient with chronic cough Alvin J Ing, Antony B X Breslin (MJA 1997; 166: 491-496)