Volume 164 Issue 5

4 March 1996



  • Passive smoking and respiratory function in very low birthweight children Lex W Doyle, Geoffrey W Ford, Anthony Olinsky, Annette M L Knoches, Catherine Callanan (MJA 1996; 164: 266-269.) Abstract - Article
  • Cancer diagnosis after a report of negative cervical cytology Heather S Mitchell, Graham G Giles (MJA 1996; 164: 270-273.)
  • Hospitalisations for rotavirus gastroenteritis among children under five years of age in New South Wales Mark J Ferson (MJA 1996; 164: 273-276.)
  • Topical anaesthesia for minor lacerations: MAC versus TAC Marie Kuhn, Simone O P Rossi, John L Plummer, Jeremy Raftos (MJA 1996; 164: 277-280.)
  • Correction: Human hydatidosis in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, 1987 - 1992 David J Jenkins, Karen Power (MJA 1996; 164: 280.)

Clinical Practice

For Debate

  • Screening for prostate cancer: the case against Geoffrey H L Hirst, Jeanette E Ward, Christopher B Del Mar (MJA 1996; 164: 285-288.)

Managing HIV

  • Antiretroviral therapies for HIV Suzanne Crowe, David ACooper, Diane E Chambers (MJA 1996; 164: 290-296.)
  • Immune-based therapy for HIV infection Elizabeth M Benson, Martyn A H French, Robert T Schooley (MJA 1996; 164: 297-300.)
  • The laboratory in managing HIV infection Dominic E Dwyer, Stephen Adelstein, Anthony L Cunningham, Thomas C Merigan (MJA 1996; 164: 301-303.)


  • Sociopathy: forever forensic? Michael D Robertson, Amanda Bray, Gordon B Parker (MJA 1996; 164: 304-307.)

Health Care

  • Reducing preventable deaths and containing costs: the expanding role of intensive care medicine Ken M Hillman (MJA 1996; 164: 308-309.)
  • The evolution of the intensivist: from health care provider to economic rationalist and ethicist Carlos D Scheinkestel (MJA 1996; 164: 310-312.)