Volume 175 Issue 9

5 November 2001



  • Cost-effectiveness of prescribing statins according to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme criteria Stephen S Lim, Theo Vos, Anna Peeters, Danny Liew, John J McNeil (MJA 2001; 175: 459-464)
  • The effects of quality improvement interventions on inhospital mortality after acute myocardial infarction Ian A Scott, Michael D Coory, Catherine M Harper (MJA 2001; 175: 465-470)
  • Lipid lowering and coronary heart disease risk: how appropriate are the national guidelines? Brett H Forge, Esther M Briganti (MJA 2001; 175: 471-475)


Notable Cases

Clinical Update

  • Statin-associated myopathy Ian Hamilton-Craig (MJA 2001; 175: 486-489)

EBM: Trials on Trial

  • Selecting participants for clinical trials Anthony C Keech, Val J Gebski (MJA 2001; 175: 490-491)
  • Is aggressive lipid-lowering therapy preferable to angioplasty in stable coronary artery disease? Peter M Ellis (MJA 2001; 175: 492-493)

Diagnostic Dilemmas

  • Role of breast magnetic resonance imaging in difficult diagnostic situations Kerry E McMahon, Dennis R Osborne, Anne L Davidson (MJA 2001; 175: 494-497)