Volume 175 Issue 6

17 September 2001



  • Women's health issues in haemodialysis patients Christina Jang, Robin J Bell, Vikki S White, Petrova S Lee, Karen M Dwyer, Peter G Kerr, Susan R Davis (MJA 2001; 175: 298-301)
  • Positron emission tomography in pulmonary masses where tissue diagnosis is unhelpful or not possible Alex G Pitman, Rodney J Hicks, Victor Kalff, David S Binns, Robert E Ware, Allan F McKenzie, David L Ball, Michael P MacManus (MJA 2001; 175: 303-307)
  • Automated attention flags in chronic disease care planning James R Warren, Joseph T Noone, Brian J Smith, Richard Ruffin, Peter Frith, Berend J van der Zwaag, Gleb V Beliakov, Heath K Frankel, Heather J McElroy (MJA 2001; 175: 308-312)

Clinical Ethics

  • Competence and consent Julian Savulescu, Ian H Kerridge (MJA 2001; 175: 313-315)

Evidence-Based Medicine

  • Consuming the evidence: consumers and evidence-based medicine Meredith Carter, Janet D Spink (MJA 2001; 175: 316-319)

Clinical Practice

New Drugs, Old Drugs

  • Pharmacological treatment of cognitive deficits in Alzheimer's disease Henry Brodaty, David Ames, Karyn L Boundy, Jane Hecker, John Snowdon, Elsdon Storey, Mark W Yates (MJA 2001; 175: 324-329)

The Profession

  • Out of the shadows Caroline M de Costa (MJA 2001; 175: 331-332)
  • Out of the shadows commentary Merrilyn M Walton (MJA 2001; 175: 332-334)
  • Out of the shadows commentary Joanna M Flynn, Janet Atkinson (MJA 2001; 175: 334-335)

EBM in Action

  • What is best practice for oxytocin infusion for induction of labour? Elizabeth Burrows, Jeremy N Anderson, Kerrie Papacostas (MJA 2001; 175: 336-337)