Volume 175 Issue 4

20 August 2001



  • Perinatal and postneonatal mortality among Indigenous and non-Indigenous infants born in Western Australia, 1980-1998 Louisa M Alessandri, Helen M Chambers, Eve M Blair, Anne W Read (MJA 2001; 175: 185-189)
  • Prevalence and nature of connexin 26 mutations in children with non-syndromic deafness Hans-Henrik M Dahl, Kerryn Saunders, Therese M Kelly, Amelia H Osborn, Stephen Wilcox, Barbara Cone-Wesson, Julia L Wunderlich, Desiree Du Sart, Maria Kamarinos, Robert J McKinlay Gardner, Shirley Dennehy, Robert Williamson, Neil Vallance, Patricia Mutton (MJA 2001; 175: 191-194)
  • Effect of dietary restriction on participation in faecal occult blood test screening for colorectal cancer Stephen R Cole, Graeme P Young (MJA 2001; 175: 195-198)

Medicine and the Community

Notable Cases

Position Statement

Clinical Ethics

  • Is there a future for clinical ethics services in Australia? Ian H Kerridge, Julian Savulescu, Paul A Komesaroff (MJA 2001; 175: 211-213)


  • COX-2 inhibition and thrombotic tendency: a need for surveillance Leslie G Cleland, Michael J James, Lisa K Stamp, Peter S Penglis (MJA 2001; 175: 214-217)

The Profession

  • Medical practice: still a higher calling Michael Kirby (MJA 2001; 175: 218)
  • Hospitalised patients' views on doctors and white coats Ben R Gooden, Michaella J Smith, Stephen J N Tattersall, Martin R Stockler (MJA 2001; 175: 219-222)

Lessons from Practice

  • Complementary medicine and vitamin A toxicity in children David Coghlan, Noel E Cranswick (MJA 2001; 175: 223-224)