Volume 174 Issue 9

7 May 2001


  • Heart failure in older people: the epidemic we had to have John D Horowitz, Simon Stewart (MJA 2001; 174: 432-433)
  • Preventing transmission of HIV from mothers to babies in Australia Richard R Doherty (MJA 2001; 174: 433-434)
  • Compliance with clinical guidelines for blood transfusion practice: how can changes be maintained? Katherine M McGrath, Lynne Hancock, Katrina M Foster (MJA 2001; 174: 435)
  • The costs of urinary incontinence Kate H Moore (MJA 2001; 174: 436-437)


  • Chronic heart failure in Australian general practice. The Cardiac Awareness Survey and Evaluation (CASE) Study Henry Krum, Andrew M Tonkin, Robert Currie, Robert Djundjek, Colin I Johnston (MJA 2001; 174: 439-444)
  • Durability of response to a targeted intervention to modify clinician transfusion practices in a major teaching hospital Sean N Tobin, Donald A Campbell, Neil W Boyce (MJA 2001; 174: 445-448)
  • Use of interventions for reducing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Australia Ann M McDonald, Yueming Li, Marilyn A Cruickshank, Elizabeth J Elliott, John M Kaldor, John B Ziegler (MJA 2001; 174: 449-452)


Medicine and the community

Position statement

Evidence-based medicine

  • Maximising the uptake of evidence into clinical practice: an information economics approach Enrico Coiera (MJA 2001; 174: 467-470)


  • Healthcare rationing, patient rights and the law Bebe Loff, Jennifer W Majoor (MJA 2001; 174: 472-473)

Lessons from practice

  • Legionella pneumophila: not just pneumonia Kirsty L Buising, Mary A O'Reilly, Amalie E Paull, Peter A Stanley (MJA 2001; 174: 476-477)