Volume 174 Issue 7

2 April 2001


  • Testicular cancer management Michael J Boyer, Martin R Stockler (MJA 2001; 174: 320-321)
  • Antibiotics for community-acquired pneumonia: time to return to the straight and narrow? David N Andresen, Peter J Collignon (MJA 2001; 174: 321-322)
  • Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: not so benign Anne E Duggan, Michelle A Harvey (MJA 2001; 174: 323-324)
  • White coats and the medical profession Martin B Van Der Weyden (MJA 2001; 174: 324-325)
  • Physician-assisted suicide: experience and controversy Deborah A Campbell (MJA 2001; 174: 325-326)


  • The management of testicular cancer in Victoria, 1988-1993 Guy C Toner, Greg J Neerhut, Max A Schwarz, Vicky J Thursfield, Thomas F Sandeman, Graham G Giles, Ross M Snow, for the Urology Study Committee of the Victorian Co-operative Oncology Group (MJA 2001; 174: 328-331)
  • The efficacy of an antibiotic protocol for community-acquired pneumonia Catherine J Dobbin, Christopher J Duggan, David J Barnes (MJA 2001; 174: 333-337)

Public health

  • Hepatitis A epidemiology in Australia: national seroprevalence and notifications Janaki Amin, Gwendolyn L Gilbert, Rosslyn G Escott, Timothy C Heath, Margaret A Burgess (MJA 2001; 174: 338-341)

The profession

Evidence-based medicine

  • EBM in practice: emergency medicine Anne-Maree Kelly (MJA 2001; 174: 346-347)
  • Ways of using evidence-based medicine in general practice Chris B Del Mar, Paul P Glasziou (MJA 2001; 174: 347-350)


Lessons from practice

  • Fatal disseminated strongyloidiasis in a previously treated patient Lyn-li Lim, Beverley-Ann Biggs (MJA 2001; 174: 355-356)

MJA practice essentials — Neurology

  • Movement disorders I: Parkinsonism and the akinetic-rigid syndromes Jane E Rice, Philip D Thompson (MJA 2001; 174: 357-363)