Volume 174 Issue 4

19 February 2001



  • Iron deficiency in Australian-born children of Arabic background in central Sydney Margaret A Karr, Michael Mira, Garth Alperstein, Samia Labib, Boyd H Webster, Ahti T Lammi, Patricia Beal (MJA 2001; 174: 165-168)
  • Measurement of cardiac troponin I levels in the emergency department: predictive value for cardiac and all-cause mortality Gisela Wilcox, Peter D Archer, Michael Bailey, Linus Dziukas, Chen Fee Lim, Hans-Gerhard Schneider (MJA 2001; 174: 170-173)


  • Diagnostic cervical zygapophyseal joint blocks for chronic cervical pain Geoffrey C Speldewinde, Guy M Bashford, Ian R Davidson (MJA 2001; 174: 174-176)

Public health

  • An epidemic of dengue 3 in far north Queensland, 1997-1999 Jeffrey N Hanna, Scott A Ritchie, Debra A Phillips, Ina L Serafin, Susan L Hills, Andrew F van den Hurk, Alyssa T Pyke, W John H McBride, Miranda G Amadio, Ross L Spark (MJA 2001; 174: 178-182)

Notable cases

Clinical update

  • Fibroadenoma of the breast Nehmat Houssami, Maria N K Cheung, J Michael Dixon (MJA 2001; 174: 185-188)


  • Understanding wellness in old age Frederick Ehrlich (MJA 2001; 174: 190-191)

Lessons from practice

  • Diagnosing inhaled foreign bodies in children Ka F Lau, Ravi Jayaram, Dominic A Fitzgerald (MJA 2001; 174: 194-196)

EBM in action