Volume 174 Issue 3

5 February 2001




Systematic review

  • What are appropriate rates of invasive procedures following acute myocardial infarction? A systematic review Ian A Scott, Hazel Harden, Michael Coory (MJA 2001; 174: 130-136)

For debate

  • Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: in need of focused and systematic management Gregory I Snell, E Haydn Walters, Tom C Kotsimbos, Trevor J Williams (MJA 2001; 174: 137-140)

Clinical update

  • What is the optimal treatment for hypothyroidism? John P Walsh, Bronwyn G A Stuckey (MJA 2001; 174: 141-143)

The research enterprise

EBM in action

  • What is the best emergency treatment for children who ingest warfarin rodenticide? Jeremy N Anderson, Sue Shaw (MJA 2001; 174: 147)