Volume 174 Issue 12

18 June 2001


  • Safety and quality in Australian healthcare: making progress Bruce H Barraclough (MJA 2001; 174: 616-617)
  • Non-multiresistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the community. Next chapter in the story of staphylococcal sepsis? Graeme R Nimmo, David F M Looke (MJA 2001; 174: 617-618)
  • Folate before pregnancy: are we doing enough? Carol Bower, Martha M Werler (MJA 2001; 174: 619-620)


  • Detecting and reducing hospital adverse events: outcomes of the Wimmera clinical risk management program Alan M Wolff, Jo Bourke, Ian A Campbell, David W Leembruggen (MJA 2001; 174: 621-625)
  • Non-multiresistant and multiresistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in community-acquired infections Iain B Gosbell, Joanne L Mercer, Stephen A Neville, Stephen A Crone, Kerry G Chant, Bin B Jalaludin, Rosemary Munro (MJA 2001; 174: 627-630)
  • "Folate before pregnancy": the impact on women and health professionals of a population-based health promotion campaign in South Australia Annabelle Chan, Jane Pickering, Eric A Haan, Merryn Netting, Angela Burford, Anne Johnson, Rosemary J Keane (MJA 2001; 174: 631-636)

Medicine and the community

Clinical Ethics

  • Healthcare rationing: constraints and equity J Miles Little (MJA 2001; 174: 641-642)

Evidence-based medicine

  • EBM in healthcare: management and policy Johannes U Stoelwinder (MJA 2001; 174: 644-646)



MJA Practice essentials - Neurology

  • Neurological disability and neurological rehabilitation Richard A L Macdonell, Helen M Dewey (MJA 2001; 174: 653-658)

EBM in action

  • Do magnets alleviate chronic low-back pain? Jason Wasiak, Jeremy N Anderson (MJA 2001; 174: 659)