Volume 173 Issue 3

7 August 2000




  • Topical negative pressure in wound management Anand K Deva, Garry H Buckland, Emma Fisher, Steven C C Liew, Steven Merten, Michael McGlynn, Mark P Gianoutsos, Michael A R Baldwin, Paul G Lendvay (MJA 2000; 173: 128-131)

Notable cases

  • Dangerous bodies: a case of fatal aluminium phosphide poisoning Antony Nocera, Howard W Levitin, John M N Hilton (MJA 2000; 173: 133-135)

Rural health

  • Associations between rural background and where South Australian general practitioners work David Wilkinson, Justin J Beilby, David J Thompson, Gillian A Laven, Nicole L Chamberlain, Caroline O M Laurence (MJA 2000; 173: 137-140)

Clinical update

  • Potential for patient harm from intrathecal administration of preserved solutions Natalie J Hetherington, Michael J Dooley (MJA 2000; 173: 141-143)

For debate

  • Asthma clinics in general practice: what is the evidence? Louis S Pilotto, Justin J Beilby, Brian J Smith (MJA 2000; 173: 144-146)



  • Update on histamine fish poisoning Leigh Lehane (MJA 2000; 173: 149-152)


Personal perspective

  • Learning to become a doctor Ryan J Hodges (MJA 2000; 173: 158-159)



Timothy R Stockwell

Med J Aust 2000; 173 (3): 116-117

Helen M Tolhurst and Jane M Talbot

Med J Aust 2000; 173 (3): 119-120


Leon A Simons, John McCallum, Yechiel Friedlander, Michael Ortiz and Judith Simons

Med J Aust 2000; 173 (3): 121-124 Free

Danny Rischin, Michelle A White, Jane P Matthews, Guy C Toner, Kathryn Watty, Anthony J Sulkowski, Jan L Clarke and Lois Buchanan

Med J Aust 2000; 173 (3): 125-127 Free


Robert D Goldney and Brian F Stoffell

Med J Aust 2000; 173 (3): 147-148