Volume 173 Issue 2

17 July 2000


  • Australian general practice: the need for leaders and vision Martin B Van Der Weyden (MJA 2000; 173: 60-61)
  • Diagnosing Australians at risk of diabetes mellitus in general practice Timothy A Welborn (MJA 2000; 173: 61-62)
  • The BEACH study of general practice Helena C Britt, Graeme C Miller (MJA 2000; 173: 63-64)

Public health

  • Editorial General practitioners and public health Peter Harris, Richard Henry (MJA 2000; 173: 66-67)
  • Public health and preventive healthcare in children: current practices of Victorian GPs and barriers to participation Elizabeth B Waters, Michelle M Haby, Melissa Wake, Louisa A Salmon (MJA 2000; 173: 68-71)
  • Editorial Adult vaccination: old needs, new challenges and opportunities Mark J Ferson (MJA 2000; 173: 72-73)
  • Survey of pertussis morbidity in adults in western Sydney Paul F Thomas, Peter B McIntyre, Bin B Jalaludin (MJA 2000; 173: 74-76)

Caring for older people

  • Healthcare for older people in residential care - who cares? Leon Flicker (MJA 2000; 173: 77-79)
  • The mental health of older people in the community Brian M Draper (MJA 2000; 173: 80-82)
  • Carotid sinus massage in the elderly: is it worth the risk? Peter C Veitch, Rosalind E Montague (MJA 2000; 173: 83)

Fitness and health

Changing healthcare

Clinical practice

  • Preliminary experiences with a single-patient trials service in general practice C Jane Nikles, Paul P Glasziou, Chris B Del Mar, Cate M Duggan, Alexandra Clavarino, Michael J Yelland (MJA 2000; 173: 100-103)
  • An approach to managing depression in general practice Ian B Hickie (MJA 2000; 173: 106-110)


  • What role for Divisions of General Practice in addressing health inequity within their communities? Vanessa J Traynor, Vanessa K Rose, Elizabeth Harris, John S Furler, P Gawaine Powell Davies, Mark F Harris (MJA 2000; 173: 79)