Volume 170 Issue 4

15 February 1999


  • The pneumococcus in the new millennium Joseph G McCormack (MJA 1999; 170: 147-148)
  • Hospital in the home: take the evidence and run Michael Montalto (MJA 1999; 170: 148-149)
  • Disability and work-related injury: time for a change? Allan R Molloy, Fiona M Blyth, Michael K Nicholas (MJA 1999; 170: 150-151)
  • The Lundberg affair Martin B Van Der Weyden (MJA 1999; 170: 151)


  • Rapidly emerging antimicrobial resistances in Streptococcus pneumoniae in Australia John D Turnidge, Jan M Bell, Peter J Collignon, on behalf of the Pneumococcal Study Group (MJA 1999; 170: 152-155)
  • Apolipoprotein E polymorphism in indigenous Australians: allelic frequencies and relationship with dyslipidaemia Joanne TE Shaw, Jill Tate, Janine B Kesting, Maureen Marczak, Janet R Berkholz, Paul K Lovelock, David Purdie, Peter Hickman, Donald P Cameron (MJA 1999; 170: 161-164)


  • Characteristics of patients with community-acquired pneumococcal pneumonia Alexander A Padiglione, Jessika Willis, Michael Bailey, Christopher K Fairley (MJA 1999; 170: 165-167)

Diagnostic Dilemma

  • Cat scratch disease diagnosed by polymerase chain reaction in a patient with suspected tuberculous lymphadenitis Tom Gottlieb, Bridget L Atkins, Jenny M B Robson (MJA 1999; 170: 168-170)


For Debate

Information Technology

  • Information technology in medical practice: safety and privacy lessons from the United Kingdom Ross J Anderson (MJA 1999; 170: 181-184)


Michael Montalto

Med J Aust 1999; 170 (4): 148-149


Ian B Hickie

Med J Aust 1999; 170 (4): 171-173