Volume 170 Issue 1

4 January 1999



  • A quality management intervention to improve clinical laboratory use in acute myocardial infarction Godfrey Isouard (MJA 1999; 170: 11-14)
  • Latex allergy in an Australian population of children and adolescents with spinal dysfunction Jane P Valentine, Jennifer J Kurinczuk, Richard K S Loh, Peter J Chauvel (MJA 1999; 170: 15-18)
  • Plasma homocysteine levels in indigenous Australians Joanne T E Shaw, Brett McWhinney, Jill R Tate, Janine B Kesting, Maureen Marczak,David Purdie, Harry Gibbs, Donald P Cameron, Peter E Hickman (MJA 1999; 170: 19-22)

Notable Cases

  • Massive prehospital transfusion in multiple blunt trauma Alan A Garner, Robert A Bartolacci (MJA 1999; 170: 23-25)



Medicine and the Community

  • Trends in the specialist workforce in internal medicine in Australia, 1981-1995 Owen F Dent, Kerry J Goulston (MJA 1999; 170: 32-35)


  • Adult acute myeloid leukaemia: update on treatment James F Bishop (MJA 1999; 170: 39-43)