Volume 167 Issue 8

20 October 1997


Aged care in hospitals

Aged care in the community

  • Health promotion and older people: a qualitative study of general practitioners' views Ngaire M Kerse, Michael J Murphy, Leon Flicker, Doris Young (MJA 1997; 167: 423-427)
  • Neurodegenerative and other chronic disorders among people aged 75 years and over in the community Louise M Waite, G Anthony Broe, Helen Creasey, David A Grayson, John S Cullen, Brian O'Toole, Dorothy Edelbrock, Matthew Dobson (MJA 1997; 167: 429-432)
  • Validation of an automated up-timer for measurement of mobility in older adults Phi-Van Tran, Jenny Schwarz, Michael Gorman, Robert D Helme (MJA 1997; 167: 434-436)

Recruiting the elderly

  • Recruitment strategies for randomised clinical trials in elderly Australians Leon Flicker, John D Wark (MJA 1997; 167: 438-439)
  • Recruiting older people to a home safety program Peter G Thompson, Ronald L Somers, Richard Wilson (MJA 1997; 167: 439-440)
  • Recruiting older people for clinical trials and health promotion programs Ian D Cameron (MJA 1997; 167: 441)

Mental health in the aged