Volume 166 Issue 5

3 March 1997


  • Helping heart attack victims to save their own lives Paul E Langton, Peter L Thompson (MJA 1997; 166: 228)
  • Selecting Australian doctors of the future Isobel E Rolfe, David A Powis (MJA 1997; 166: 229)
  • Publishing and protecting patient confidentiality Martin B Van Der Weyden (MJA 1997; 166: 230)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies in chronically ill psychiatric patients John H Coverdale, Laurence B McCullough, Frank A Chervenak (MJA 1997; 166: 231)


  • Australian patients’ delay in response to heart attack symptoms Kathleen Dracup, Sharon M McKinley, Debra K Moser (MJA 1997; 166: 233) Abstract - Article
  • HIV prevalence and risk behaviour in needle exchange attenders: a national study Margaret MacDonald, Alex D Wodak, Robert Ali, Nick Crofts, Phillip H Cunningham, Kate A Dolan, Margaret Kelaher, Wendy M Loxley, Ingrid van Beek, John M Kaldor (MJA 1997; 166: 237)
  • The prevalence of hookworm infection, iron deficiency and anaemia in an Aboriginal community in north-west Australia Richard M Hopkins, Michael S Gracey, Russell P Hobbs, Randolph M Spargo, Mark Yates, R C Andrew Thompson (MJA 1997; 166: 241)

Notable Cases

  • Spontaneous pneumomediastinum and diabetic ketoacidosis Anthony J O’Sullivan and John H Casey (MJA 1997; 166: 245)

Medical Education

  • A selection test for Australian graduate-entry medical schools Cecily J H Aldous, Stephen R Leeder, John Price, Ann E Jervie Sefton, Jillian K Teubner (MJA 1997; 166: 247)
  • Undergraduate procedural skills training in Victoria: is it adequate? David McD Taylor (MJA 1997; 166: 251)

Clinical Practice

  • Caring for the terminally ill adolescent Michael R C Carr-Gregg, Susan M Sawyer, Caroline F Clarke, Glenn Bowes (MJA 1997; 166: 255)


Health Care

  • Telemedicine: here to stay Peter M Yellowlees, Craig Kennedy (MJA 1997; 166: 262)

MJA Practice Essentials - Rheumatology

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus Indi Rasaratnam, Peter F J Ryan (MJA 1997; 166: 266)