Volume 166 Issue 10

19 May 1997



  • Australian multicentre phase II trial of paclitaxel in women with metastatic breast cancer and prior chemotherapy Michael Michael, James F Bishop, John A Levi, David R Bell, John R Zalcberg, Michael L Friedlander, Ian N Olver, Jennifer G Smith, Guy C Toner (MJA 1997; 166: 520-523)
  • Relationship of peak expiratory flow rate with mortality and ischaemic heart disease in elderly Australians Leon A Simons, John McCallum, Judith Simons, Yechiel Friedlander (MJA 1997; 166: 526-529)
  • Detection of antibodies to Bartonella henselae in clinically diagnosed cat scratch disease James P Flexman, Sharon C A Chen, David J Dickeson, John W Pearman, Gwendolyn L Gilbert (MJA 1997; 166: 532-535)

Medicine and the Community

Notable Cases

Clinical Practice

  • Management of haematemesis and melaena Stuart K Roberts, Frank J Dudley (MJA 1997; 166: 549-553)

MJA Practice Essentials - Respiratory Medicine

  • Chest imaging: indications and interpretation Greg M Briggs (MJA 1997; 166: 555-560)