Volume 166 Issue 1

6 January 1997


Health Care

  • The GP-hospital interface: attitudes of general practitioners to tertiary teaching hospitals David R Isaac, Alan J Gijsbers, Kim T Wyman, Raymond F Martyres, B Anne Garrow (MJA 1997; 166: 9)
  • Crying in hospitals: a survey of doctors', nurses' and medical students' experience and attitudes Renate E Wagner, Martina Hexel, Wolfdieter W Bauer, Ulrich Kropiunigg (MJA 1997; 166: 13)
  • What is the future of the hospital system? Paul A Komesaroff, Gordon J A Clunie, Stephen J Duckett (MJA 1997; 166: 17)

Notable Cases

  • Lead poisoning in an electrician: a bad substitute for a bad habit M Steven Ward, Andrew M Henderson, Enrico Rossi, John L Raven (MJA 1997; 166: 23)

Medicine and the Community


  • The changing face of pathology in Australia: implications for public and private services Eric Sumithran (MJA 1997; 166: 30)

MJA Practice Essentials - Rheumatology

  • Gout and other crystal arthropathies Neil W McGill (MJA 1997; 166: 33)

Clinical Practice

  • Palliative care: an update on "terminal restlessness" Alexandra L Burke (MJA 1997; 166: 39)

Computer Viruses

Doctors in Literature

  • The portrayal of the doctor in non-medical literature: the impaired doctor Solomon Posen (MJA 1997; 166: 48)