Volume 164 Issue 6

18 March 1996


  • Thyroid function testing and clinical practice guidelines Leslie Lazarus (MJA 1996; 164: 324)
  • Port-wine stains: can we make them disappear? Margaret M Stewart (MJA 1996; 164: 325)
  • Minimising the side effects of cancer chemotherapy Michael Green (MJA 1996; 164: 326)
  • Osteoporosis: the emerging epidemic John D Wark (MJA 1996; 164: 327)


  • Thyroid function testing based on assay of thyroid-stimulating hormone: assessing an algorithm's reliability Richard X Davey, Michael I Clarke, Alan R Webster (MJA 1996; 164: 329)
  • Pulsed dye laser treatment of port-wine stains: a review of patients treated in Western Australia Ernest Tan, Carl Vinciullo (MJA 1996; 164: 333) To abstract - To article
  • An open multicentre study of tropisetron for cisplatin-induced nausea and vomiting Ian N Olver, Paul S Craft, Phillip R Clingan, John H Kearsley, Robert S Planner, Guy A van Hazel, David R Bell, Michael R Adena, Barbara E Hall, Lesley L Pearson (MJA 1996; 164: 337)
  • Diabetic retinopathy: examination practices and referral patterns of general practitioners Peter R Dickson, Catherine A McCarty, Jill E Keeffe, Royce Baxter, C Alex Harper, Hugh R Taylor (MJA 1996; 164: 341)


Clinical Practice

  • Haemochromatosis - a clinical update Michael J Burt, D Keith George, Lawrie W Powell (MJA 1996; 164: 348)

Managing HIV

  • HIV and skin disease David Wong, Stephen Shumack (MJA 1996; 164: 352)
  • HIV and oral disease Peter Foltyn, Deborah Marriott (MJA 1996; 164: 357)
  • HIV, gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary disease William Sievert, David R Shaw, Paul Edwards (MJA 1996; 164: 360)

For Debate

  • Screening for osteoporosis: what is the role of heel ultrasound? Nicholas A Pocock, Kate A Noakes, Gabrielle M Howard, Tuan V Nguyen, Paul J Kelly, Philip N Sambrook, John A Eisman, Judith Freund (MJA 1996; 164: 367)

Medicine and the Law

  • The Professional Indemnity Review. A lost opportunity for reform Richard T T Tjiong (MJA 1996; 164: 371)

Personal View

  • Severe stroke: a carer's viewpoint Raymond L Cox (MJA 1996; 164: 375)