MJA instructions for authors - Supplements

Collections of articles on the same topic may be published as supplements; these are usually funded by sources other than the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA). They are subject to the MJA's usual editorial and peer-review processes. Contact the Head of Publishing Operations at  if you wish to propose a supplement.

MJA policy on sponsored supplements


The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) publishes occasional sponsored supplements. These must be of the same standard as articles published in the Journal, and the same criteria that apply to the Journal are used to determine what is to be published in a supplement.

The Editor of the MJA may choose to have supplements edited in-house or appoint one or more guest editors.

To decide whether to proceed with commissioning a supplement, the MJA Editor requires a list of manuscripts planned for the supplement and the names and details of each manuscript author and proposed guest editor(s). The guest editor(s) may assist in commissioning supplement material. Any competing interests of the guest editor(s) must be fully declared to the MJA Editor.

Editorial team assessment

All supplement manuscripts are processed by the MJA’s team of medical editors following the Journal’s standard procedures, which can be viewed at

The peer-review process

The MJA is a general medical journal, and all content within the Journal and its supplements is peer-reviewed. This process applies to all manuscripts intended for publication in a supplement. Not all manuscripts commissioned for a supplement will necessarily be published.

Decisions about which manuscripts to include in a supplement, after the peer-review process, will be made in consultation with the guest editor(s).

Editing and circulation

All accepted articles are edited for brevity and clarity and to conform to MJA style by the MJA’s scientific and technical editors. Authors will receive a galley proof of their edited article (by email) for checking and to respond to any queries raised during editing. No further major corrections are usually possible once the galley proof has been returned to us.

All MJA supplements are digital-only and circulated to the full MJA distribution list, which currently exceeds 27,000. All MJA supplements published online will be accessible to all AMA members and MJA subscribers.


The MJA Editor has the final right to accept or reject the publication of all supplements and individual manuscripts within each supplement.

The sponsorship and commercial process


  • Names and logos of the sponsoring company/companies can be published on an allocated page of the supplement.
  • No product-specific advertising can appear within a sponsored supplement.
  • In the interests of transparency, associations or societies accepted as a supplement sponsor must publish in the supplement a web address where readers can access a list of the companies that are members of the association and/or a list of companies that fund or support the association.

Commercial activities

  • The supplement agreement and all financial matters will be managed by the Head of Publishing Operations.
  • A schedule will be created and a publishing date agreed to before any work is commenced on the supplement.
  • A quote will be provided to the sponsor for acceptance before the agreement is drawn up.
  • The MJA holds the intellectual property rights, including copyright, to the contents within the supplement and will be free to publish the contents of the supplement in the MJA and other products within the AMPCo Pty Ltd group.

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