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MJA author guidelines for multimedia presentations

The MJA invites authors to submit video and audio presentations relevant to the practice of clinical medicine in Australia for consideration for publication on the MJA website.

Multimedia presentations will be peer-reviewed. Those considered to be of sufficient quality, academic rigour and relevance will be posted on the MJA website, with a brief summary being published in the MJA (citable in indexing services such as PubMed) linking to the presentation.

What sort of multimedia presentation is suitable for publication on the MJA website?

Video or audio presentations can be made specifically for the MJA or can be lectures, seminars or conference presentations. For example, they could be clinical updates, demonstrations of clinical signs, or techniques. They should not include any form of advertising or advertorial, or commercial logos, and brand names of any medical products should be avoided wherever possible. Logos of academic institutions are allowed.

Presentations must be of high quality and in a format and length that will maintain viewer interest.

If your presentation shows images or contains footage of doctors, nurses, other medical staff or patients, or discusses people who may be identified, you must provide written consent from those individuals allowing the use of their image or details in the presentation. If you use images or other material for which you do not hold copyright, written permission from the copyright holder must also be provided.

How to submit a multimedia presentation to the MJA

In general, multimedia presentations submitted to the MJA must be offered exclusively to the MJA and cannot appear on any other website. Exceptions may be possible for lectures or seminars and should be discussed with the Editor.

1. In the first instance, you should submit a proposal via Editorial Manager, selecting “Multimedia” as your article type.

This submission must include:

  • a letter that briefly introduces the content and purpose of the multimedia presentation, identifies the target audience (eg, medical students, general practitioners, specialists from particular disciplines) and the learning outcomes that are expected from it;
  • an abstract of approximately 250 words describing the content of the lecture; this abstract will be published online and in print, with the online abstract being linked to the video; and
  • keywords selected from the classifications listed on Editorial Manager.

The Editor will assess your proposal, and if your proposal appears suitable for the MJA, you will be invited to submit your multimedia presentation. Approval of a proposal does not mean acceptance for publication.

2. After the proposal is approved, we will require:

  • a digital file complying with the requirements set out below;
  • an International Committee of Medical Journal Editors competing interests form from each author/presenter AND either a brief competing interests statement for publication or the following statement "Competing interests: No relevant disclosures". See competing interests;
  • patient permission form from people who are filmed or described. If the video is recorded in a lecture or presentation situation, such that collecting individual consent forms is not possible, the audience should be made aware that a recording is being made and the purpose of the recording;
  • written permission from any person who is named in an acknowledgement for their name(s) to be published; and
  • written permission from the copyright holder for the use of any material from other publications or other media sources (including video and audio sources).

Other accompanying material, such as PowerPoint slides (or equivalent) or references, may be included and submitted with the above documents via Editorial Manager.

Video requirements

Duration: Ideally 10–15 minutes, with a maximum of 30 minutes for most videos. Some lecture videos may be longer than 30 minutes — this can be negotiated with the Editor at the proposal stage. If a video, other than a lecture, requires a duration of more than 15 minutes, consideration should be given to producing it in two parts.

Format: .mov, .mpg, and .mpeg4 (DivX, Xvid) with .mp3 audio, Vimeo etc.

Quality: The video must be of high quality. Audio must be clear throughout and captured with a microphone external to the video camera (a lapel microphone on the presenter is most suitable). A tripod should be used to ensure the camera is steady, and images must be in focus, with adequate lighting of subjects and presenters that also avoids glare.

Audio requirements

Duration: Ideally 10–15 minutes, with a maximum of 30 minutes.

Format: .wav, .flac, and 320kbps .mp3. Higher quality is preferred and we will not accept anything less than 128kbps .mp3.

Quality: Podcasts should be recorded in a quiet space; minimising as much background noise as possible. Thought should be given to the acoustics of the room you are recording in and minimising echoes etc. A lapel or voice-specific microphone should be used to capture the sound; using built-in microphones in recording devices or computers is not recommended.

The speaker should speak in a clear and loud voice. A metronome played through headphones can be used to keep a steady pace.


All authors/presenters are asked to transfer copyright to the Australasian Medical Publishing Company (AMPCo) Ltd before their multimedia presentation and accompanying documentation is published. Multimedia presentations published by the MJA may not be published elsewhere, in whole or in part, without written permission from AMPCo. Authors will, however, retain the right to personal use of the material for teaching purposes.

Download the copyright form.