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Copyright and linking information

The Medical Journal of Australia makes its article archive freely available on the World Wide Web for the advancement of public health and medical research. For full information on online access to articles published within the last 12 months, click here.

Copyright is owned by the Australasian Medical Publishing Company.

Linking information

Other websites are welcome to link to pages in the eMJA provided that no attempt is made to pass off the content of the eMJA as the property of the linking website. We do not approve of websites presenting eMJA articles as a frame within their web pages.

We do not grant permission for anyone to copy eMJA articles to their own web pages.

Copyright information

Readers may print a single copy of articles for personal use. No further reproduction or distribution of the articles in whole or in part should proceed without the permission of the publisher.

To seek permission to reproduce multiple copies of an MJA article, send an email to mjalibrary@ampco.com.au containing the answers to the questions below:

  • The author, title, year of publication, volume and page numbers of the article you wish to reproduce.

  • The purpose for which you wish to reproduce the article.

  • The number of copies you wish to reproduce.

  • The amount of money, if any, that you will be charging for these copies or for the publication within which the copied article will be appearing.