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Volume 200, Issue 10 — 2 June, 2014

Highlights from our 1925 archives
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 555.

In this issue

On the threshold of better futures Christine Gee
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 557. 


Budget cuts risk halting Australia's progress in preventing chronic disease

Andrew Wilson
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 558-559. 
Acute respiratory infections among Indigenous children Paul J Torzillo and Anne B Chang
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 559-560. 

In brief

From the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
More emergency department patients “seen on time” Elizabeth Ingram
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 562.
News Cate Swannell
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 563. 


Health reform and activity-based funding Shane Solomon
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 564. 
Post-election policy pointers
Is it time for Medi-change? Vlado Perkovic, Fiona Turnbull and Andrew Wilson
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 566-567. 
Should the legal age for alcohol purchase be raised to 21? John W Toumbourou, Kypros Kypri, Sandra C Jones and Ian B Hickie
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 568-570. 
The withdrawal of the Liverpool Care Pathway in the United Kingdom: what are the implications for Australia? Raymond J Chan, Joan Webster, Jane Phillips and David C Currow
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 573-573. 
Conference report
Melbourne takes the world to heart — and vice versa Stephen R Leeder
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 575.


(Ir)responsible drinking campaigns Simone Pettigrew, Mike Daube and Nicole Biagioni
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 577.
Liaise with pathologists to refine understanding of the prostate-specific antigen test Christopher B Del Mar, R Gordon Wright and Paul P Glasziou
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 577-578.
The hidden issues of anticipatory medications in community palliative care Margaret O’Connor, Susan Gatens and Brian H Le
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 578-580.
Rural clinical school outcomes: what is success and how long do we wait for it? William R Adam, Julian R Wright and Geoffrey J McColl
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 581.
Rural, urban: the real world for medical education Sarah Mahoney
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 581.

Clinical focus


Geographic variation in prostate cancer survival in New South Wales Xue Qin Yu, Qingwei Luo, David P Smith, Dianne L O’Connell and Peter D Baade
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 586-590. 
Paediatric hospitalisations for lower respiratory tract infections in Mount Isa Elisabeth K Janu, Bhavana I Annabattula, Saampavi Kumariah, Marta Zajaczkowska, John S Whitehall, Matthew J Edwards, Sanja Lujic and Ian B Masters
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 591-594. 
High chlamydia positivity rates in Indigenous people attending Australian sexual health services Catherine C O’Connor, Hammad Ali, Rebecca J Guy, David J Templeton, Christopher K Fairley, Marcus Y Chen, Bridget M Dickson, Lewis J Marshall, Andrew E Grulich, Margaret E Hellard, John M Kaldor, Basil Donovan and James S Ward
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 595-598. 

Case reports

Lessons from practice
Acute allergic reaction after intravenous saline injection: an unusual presentation of chlorhexidine allergy Usman Mushtaq, Aaron Tan, Ju Ann Tan and William B Smith
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 599-600. 


Best of Best
What would Repin do? The daily grind was not restricted to coffee John B Best
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 601-602.
Centenary reflections
Articles from 1983 and 1934
Med J Aust 2014; 200 (10): 603-605.