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Dr Bastian Seidel is the new president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He discusses Health Care Homes, CPD reform and other hot topics in general practice. Also available as a video.


New initiatives in the treatment of breast cancer
 cover image
Better targeted therapies will reduce the burden of treatment, while improving the outcomes
Young-onset colorectal cancer in the Asia–Pacific region cover image
Although evidence for increasing incidence has not yet been reported, we should be vigilant
High quality data are the key to understanding inequalities in cancer outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isla cover image
A comprehensive evidence base for informing efforts to improve services requires linked national data
Appropriateness of care: why so much variation cover image
Broad descriptions of variation are a useful way of finding disparities, but to generate change they need to be carefully analysed and applied

The excess burden of cancer among Indigenous people will persist until lifestyle risks are mitigated
Location of residence may negatively influence the quality of care received by patients with pancreatic cancer
The incidence of CRC in people under 50 in NSW was steady during 2001–2008

Restructuring primary health care in Australia cover image
When appropriately resourced, medical homes can deliver the system-wide benefits of truly integrated primary care
Functional mitral valve regurgitation: repair or replacement?
 cover image
Long term outcomes primarily depend on left ventricular function
Nocebo effects in practice: methotrexate myths and misconceptions cover image
Providing patients with accurate information will help overcome obstacles to the use of an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
Writing with light

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