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Dr Brian Draper is conjoint associate professor at the Euroa Centre for Health Brain Ageing at the University of New South Wales. He discusses older doctors and retirement, to accompany his editorial in this issue.

Autoimmune rheumatic diseases: recent advances and current challenges
 cover image
Biological disease-modifying agents are transforming the treatment of autoimmune rheumatic diseases
Older doctors and retirement cover image
Planning for life after work should commence as early as possible

If high vaccine coverage is sustained, the higher rates of HPV-related cancer rates in Indigenous women should also decline
Narrative review

SLE should be considered in anyone with inflammatory joint pain with extra-articular features
While there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis, treatment has improved to the point where many patients can approach a normal quality of life
Rheumatic diseases are frequently complicated by extra-articular manifestations, often affecting the eye; some ocular complications may be rapidly sight-threatening

The Australian Lupus Registry and Biobank: a timely initiative
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A collaborative effort to provide real world evidence of therapies for patients with lupus
New approaches in ankylosing spondylitis cover image
There have been marked improvements in treatment options but none have yet been shown to induce remission
Patient-centred management of inflammatory arthritis: more than just disease control
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It is important that patients’ broader health needs are addressed
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