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Professor Paul Komesaroff is director of the Monash Centre for Ethics in Medicine and Society, and is executive director of international NGO, Global Reconciliation. He speaks about the minimalist legislative solution to voluntary euthanasia as presented in his For Debate paper on page 480 of the 18 May issue of the MJA.
MJA engagement editor Cate Swannell presents the highlights of the 18 May issue of the Medical Journal of Australia, which commemorates World No Tobacco Day.
Both podcasts are also available as videos.


Promoting public health through combatting the scourge of tobacco is of primary importance

A tobacco-free world is attainable — if we are prepared to work for it
Doing better, but we still need to sort out who is responsible for what and strengthen primary care

Partnership between community-controlled and government organisations leads to improved health service access for remote-living Aboriginal people
The administrative burden of claiming incentives is large and not always worth the effort

Policy direction is clear, but increasing competition for funds leads to uncertainty
Clinically severe obesity needs to be recognised and managed as a chronic disease
New cohorts of young smokers are vital to the survival of the tobacco companies

Direct-acting antiviral agents are expensive, but offer a chance of cure
Remote Primary Health Care Manuals are developed with users in mind
Loss of clinical academic leadership will be to the detriment of patient care in Australia
Case reports

Warfarin-induced skin necrosis is a rare complication of a commonly used medication
A rare syndrome secondary to a rare condition
A gardener experiences the power of an ancient alkaloid
For debate

A simple legislative change would permit voluntary euthanasia without ignoring ethical and community concerns
Writing with light

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