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Complex matters of health care demand considered, holistic and compassionate responses

A land half won: pain and the modern world cover image
Pain medicine needs to be clear about what can and cannot be achieved
Pertussis control: where to now? cover image
Refining our approach to immunisation can further improve disease prevention

MDR-TB remains uncommon in WA, but the challenges associated with managing it are being increasingly recognised
Older patients are showing improved hospital survival without longer stays and with most returning home
Good protection is provided within the first 4 years, but wanes thereafter
Small drops in the salt content of fast foods are encouraging, but more action is needed

Speculation that the federal government is to introduce a general practitioner copayment into Medicare arrangements persists. Whatever the basis of such speculation, the spate of commentary and media reports feeds a sense that the time for change in Medicare is upon us: a recognition that the status quo is under strain for political, economic and health system reasons. The suggestions for reaping payments from patients include ...
Integrating maternal and neonatal care in resource-poor settings cover image
Better facility-based outcomes for mothers and newborns are within reach
A new coalition for health reform? cover image
In an era of active health reform, what might we expect from the new Australian Government?

Use of unlicensed black salve for cutaneous malignancy cover image
Natural therapies may be neither natural nor therapeutic
The key to accessible and comprehensive aged care is to base general practices in aged care facilities
Media reports suggest alarming contrast between care available to asylum seekers and that available to Australian nationals
Why can television broadcast dubious scientific material without disclosing the experts’ conflicts of interest?
Case Reports

Impact of drug interactions when medications are stopped: the often forgotten risks cover image
Avoiding adverse outcomes through accurate and timely communication
Ethics and law
The help that John does not want cover image
How should we treat patients who may lack the capacity to decide in their own best interests?
How should we treat patients who may lack the capacity to decide in their own best interests?
How should we treat patients who may lack the capacity to decide in their own best interests?

Where have all the Bilneys gone? cover image
Doctors have an obligation to actively lead when the environment’s health is a vital community issue
Writing with light

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