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Professor Flavia Cicuttini is Head of the Musculoskeletal Unit at Monash University. She discusses the dynamics of osteoarthritis, obesity and inflammation, to accompany her coauthored Editorial in this issue. Also available as a video.

Dr James Fielding is an epidemiologist at the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne. He discusses the severity of the 2015 influenza season, to accompany his coauthored Short Report in this issue.

Associate Professor Sue Evans is Head of the Clinical Registry Unit and an Associate Director of the Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety at Monash University. She discusses the timeliness of lung cancer care, to accompany her coauthored Research in this issue. Also available as a video.

Asbestos exposure: challenges for Australian clinicians
 cover image
The unique properties of asbestos that still make it valuable for industry make it extremely hazardous to health

Early administration of antibiotics and aggressive fluid resuscitation improves outcomes for patients
If GPs are to play a role in managing this disease, they need specialist support
Interventions that improve timeliness and appropriateness of care have produced impressive results
Influenza vaccination is an important intervention for protecting vulnerable patients

Developing competence in biostatistics and research methodology during medical specialty training cover image
Do we equip junior specialists with the skills to conduct research throughout their careers?
Case reports

Severe ulcerative herpes zoster cover image
A 78-year-old man presented to a regional emergency department with a severe progressive rash
Repeat exposure to active tuberculosis and risk of re-infection cover image
Re-infection with TB is possible even after preventive TB treatment
A case of bilateral endogenous bacterial endophthalmitis from <em>Streptococcus pneumoniae</em> bacteraemia cover image
Early ophthalmology involvement and intravitreal antibiotic injections are essential
Ethics and law
A new approach affects medical practitioners who give expert evidence
Clinical focus

Start prepregnancy counselling early and discontinue teratogenic medications
Ten years of data on eligibility to initiate and continue on bDMARDs remains un-utilised
For debate

Inappropriate care in medicine
 cover image
Non-clinicians have based their claims of inappropriate care in hyperbaric medicine on flawed methods
Vertebroplasty is not a do-not-do treatment
 cover image
Vertebroplasty has been controversial but remains clinically useful and new evidence awaits publication
Acting on potentially inappropriate care
 cover image
Measuring inappropriate care should rely on available evidence, with anomalous practices evaluated by clinical panels
Short reports

A multidisciplinary renal genetics clinic improves patient diagnosis
 cover image
Genetics and genomics in everyday clinical practice
How severe was the 2015 influenza season in Australia? cover image
The answer depends on how much and which data one consults
Writing with light

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